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Flight Delay Information from the Air Traffic Control System Command Center

What is the Weather going to do regarding your Airport?


    * Advisories Database
      Real-time advisory information as received from FAA facilities. The Advisories database system is a web-based application that displays up to the minute U.S. and Canadian advisories. You can retrieve historical advisories from the past 15 days.

    * Airline FSM Training Sign-up
      Training sign-up form for Airlines, U.S. Government and academia personnel.

    * Airport Arrival Demand Chart (AADC)
      Real-time airport arrival demand information as received from FAA facilities. The AADC chart displays the latest arrival demand metrics for selected airports.

    * Aviation Information System
      The operating status of the nation's largest airports is now brought directly to your wireless device, pager, phone, PDA, or e-mail client in real-time.

    * Central Altitude Reservation Function (CARF)
      This is a link to CARF´s web site.

    * Chicago OHare (ORD) Arrival Reservation Program
      Using the Internet, pilots can now make arrival reservations at Chicago OHare International Airport (ORD).

    * Current Reroutes
      Displays all current (active) reroutes, with a link to the associated advisory.

    * Current Restrictions
      Displays all current restrictions for various facilities.

    * e-CVRS Reservation
      The Computerized Voice Reservation System (e-CVRS) is our web based application that allocates and manages arrival and departure slots at high-density traffic airports (HDTA).

    * EDCT Lookup
      The Expect Departure Clearance Time (EDCT) Lookup application allows individual aircraft operators to determine if an EDCT has been issued for their specific flight. The flight plan must have been filed and transmitted to ETMS for any aircraft to be considered in any delay program.

    * GAAP
      This is a web application for the GA community that will show:
         1. Active GAAP airports and the number of available slots, and
         2. Individual EDCTs once the flight plan is in ETMS.

    * General Overview of the ATCSCC
      Gateway to the ATCSCC Tour pages; learn about the various components of Air Traffic Management.

    * Glossary of Terms
      Find descriptions of many common Air Traffic Management Acronyms.

    * National Playbook
      The playbook is also available in a PDF version.

    * Operational Information System
      Real-time airport delay information as received from FAA facilities. The OIS system is a web-based application that displays up to the minute Ground Delay, Ground Stop, Deicing, and general airport delay information.

    * Route Management Tool
      National routes database updated on 56-day chart cycles that facilitates the timely dissemination and implementation of reroutes.

    * Runway Visual Range
      The touchdown, midpoint, and rollout RVR data for 48 airports, as well as the edge and centerline lighting settings are updated in real time.

    * RVSM/DoD Priority Mission Site
      This web application is for the exclusive use of DoD aviation units requiring access to RVSM airspace for non-RVSM compliant aircraft conducting priority missions.

    * S2K
      An informational program to ensure common understanding of how the service provider and the customer can work together to ensure optimum operational outcomes for the Spring and Summer travel season.

    * Special Traffic Management Program (e-STMP)
      Using the Internet, pilots can now make arrival and departure reservations at airports participating in special traffic management events Download the User´s Guide in PDF format.

    * TFM Learning Center
      The Traffic Flow Management (TFM) Learning Center is an on-line repository of course materials, curriculum, and support services designed to help Traffic Flow Management Specialists do their jobs effectively. Course materials include training on how to efficiently use the software tools they have been provided, new techniques in managing airspace, and basic training for new TMC's.

    * "TFM in the NAS" -- Info for Flight Ops Personnel
      A presentation explaining terms, techniques, and programs associated with traffic flow management in the National Airspace System (NAS).


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