Author Topic: TrafficLand helps the driving public avoid traffic congestion in real time!  (Read 2119 times)

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TrafficLand helps the driving public avoid traffic congestion in real time!

Also: you can Google for traffic cameras DOT, and add in your state name, for websites that your state maintains with Traffic and Driving Information specific to your state.

The TrafficLand public website ( and its subscription services help the driving public avoid traffic congestion with online services that provide access to live traffic views from desktop computers and web-enabled cell phones and PDAs. users can select and see live traffic views from thousands of public cameras from around the world. The free service uses interactive traffic maps to display available traffic cameras and simple point-and-click navigation to launch live traffic video.

The TrafficLand Story

TrafficLand launched its public website on Monday, September 10, 2001, feeding video from 32 roadside cameras in Northern Virginia. The tragic events of the next day immediately made an invaluable tool for area residents seeking to evacuate the city after the attack on the Pentagon and local media seeking reliable information about ground conditions. The one day old TrafficLand public website met the challenge. The company has since built a record of success in each of its market segments and today provides live video from thousands of cameras worldwide.


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