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SCORE provides FREE & CONFIDENTIAL small business mentoring
« on: December 14, 2009, 07:33:08 PM »
S.C.O.R.E. - Service Core Of Retired Executives - provides FREE & CONFIDENTIAL small business mentoring.

SCORE the “Counselors of America’s Small Business Owners” is a national association dedicated to helping small business owners form and grow their businesses. Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia and Washington D.C., SCORE has 364 chapters in the United States as well as in U.S territories. SCORE is a partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

Since its foundation in 1964, SCORE

    * Assisted more than 523,000 people in the last year.
    * Provided counseling to more than 8.5 million business owners.
    * Conducted more than 322,000 counseling sessions.
    * Received 3.2 million visitors through its Web site in the last year.
    * Helped successful companies, such as Vermont Teddy Bear, Vera Bradley Designs, and Jelly Belly Candy.
    * Worked with 12,400 working and retired executive volunteers.
    * Helps create nearly 20,000 new small businesses each year.

What Can SCORE Do For You?

SCORE can give you a personal business coach to help you with every step of your business. Whether you are a longtime owner of a floral shop in your hometown or managing a new temporary employment agency—we can be a resource for you.

Here are just a few ways SCORE can help you:

    * Receive online mentoring and business advice. ASKSCORE is an online resource that connects you with a personal advisor who can advise you based on specific questions you may have concerning your business. They are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.
    * Find a mentor in your local community. Visit your local SCORE office or set up an appointment with a SCORE mentor. Find your chapter now.
    * Participate in a workshop. SCORE offers both online and onsite workshops for business owners beginning their businesses to marketing your business and managing the financial aspects of it.
    * Connect you with other SCORE volunteers. With a membership of over 12,000 volunteers, we can refer you to someone who offers a wide range of expertise—from finance to branding and marketing.

How SCORE Works

SCORE offers free and confidential advice to small businesses: face-to-face counseling, online counseling, online workshops and more.

Get to know us better by checking out our Top 5 FAQs.

1. Why is SCORE advice free and confidential?
SCORE's goal is to help you live your dream. SCORE volunteers are successful entrepreneurs and executives who love business and want to share their knowledge with you, so you can succeed too.

2. Who are SCORE volunteers?
SCORE is a nonprofit group of 12,400 volunteers across the country who have been in your shoes. Take advantage of their expertise through face-to-face and online counseling. Learn more about volunteers.

3. How do I access SCORE's services?
To get free, online counseling 24/7, Ask SCORE. Input keywords to find a counselor who matches your business needs.
Meet in person. Find SCORE to contact your local SCORE office.

4. Is there a limit to how many times I can Ask SCORE?
Talk to SCORE again and again. There's no limit on mentoring. Ask SCORE or access other SCORE services. Long term mentoring is a great help. And, specialty experts can help as you request answers to specific questions.

5. How does SCORE work with the SBA?
The SBA is the government's source of information on small business. The SBA also provides guarantees to lenders for small business loans. SCORE is a resource partner that provides mentoring and training for entrepreneurs.
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