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Vixen is a Do it Yourself Holiday Lights Animator, Controller, and presentation software for Windows® Systems!

Requires .NET 2.0 Framework.


Here are some of the features you'll find in Vixen:
   Support for a wide range of DIY controllers, expanding continuously
   Can use multiple controllers on multiple ports
   256-level dimming capable with appropriate controllers
   Preview plugin that allows you to draw a representation of your lighting display so you can test it without having lights or even a controller. It will also allow you to import a picture of your house/scene to draw on
   Sequence wizard that walks you through the steps necessary to create a new sequence as well as explain each step to help you understand what you're doing
   You can connect a series of sequences together in a program
   A daily timer so you can schedule sequences and programs throughout the day
   Chase sequences can be created with a simple click and drag operation
   Data can be imported/exported to/from any sequence or program, allowing you to easily copy configurations and setups. You can also export to a file, allowing you to create templates upon which you can base new sequences or programs
   Multi-channel simultaneous event creation
   Multiple sound card support
   Users can create their own output plug-ins and add-ins (requires .Net 2.0-compatible development environment)
   A remote client that allows you to have an internet-controlled display and to set up displays that span a neighborhood or a continent.
   An integrated music player that will play background music in between sequences or programs. You can even specify a narrative to play occasionally to welcome users to your display, announce show times, or anything else.
   An audio visualizer to help you synchronize exactly with your music.
   You can create a library of your favorite routines to load into any sequence.
   The output order of channels can be different than their display order, allowing you to better organize them for your actual hardware layout.
   More features than you'd care to read in a feature list
   Support from the best and most enthusiastic user community -- most of what you'll do in Vixen is probably a result of a request from the user community, so the users know what they're talking about

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