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Mz Ultimate Booster (formerly AutoMz Ultimate Tweaker) is a  System Optimizer for Windows XP, Vista and 7

Price:     FREE
It is a powerful automatic system tweaker, for Windows Xp, Vista & 7.
It contains more tweaks than Mz Ultimate Tweaker and it applies the best values for over 60 powerful tweaks!

AutoMz Ultimate Tweaker features:

    * Scan engine (Software-Hardware)
    * Cpu Tweaks
    * HDD Tweaks
    * Memory Tweaks
    * Graphic Card Tweaks
    * CD/DVD Tweaks
    * Modem Tweaks
    * Internet Tweaks
    * Windows Tweaks
    * Boot Files Optimization
    * Registry Optimization
    * Temporary Files Clean
    * Backup - Restore Service
    * and much more...

Have You Tired Windows "Blue Screens", Computer Crashing Or Real Slow Activity?

AutoMz Ultimate Tweaker is a tool that helps you use your computer at optimum performance.

With a specially designed algorithm, scans your hardware (CPU, RAM, Graphic Card, Hard Disk, CD/DVD, Modem ect.) and your software. Then applies the best values for over 100 powerful tweaks!


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