Author Topic: OSXnews is a small, fast usenet newsreader for OS X  (Read 2149 times)

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OSXnews is a small, fast usenet newsreader for OS X
« on: December 21, 2009, 01:47:03 PM »
OSXnews is a small, fast usenet newsreader for OS X

What is OSXnews?
 OSXnews is a small, fast usenet newsreader for OS X. It is designed to look and behave like Apple's Mail program and uses it for all mail functions.  It also uses the Webcore engine used in Safari to display messages. It is actively being developed and the current version supports many (though not all ) features people expect in a newsreader. OSXnews is a Universal Application and works well  on the new Intel Macs.   It also has some support for binary posts. At the moment this is limited to single part yEnc posts. Full support is expected in upcoming versions.    

OSXNews 2.081    Print    E-mail
Written by Anu   
Friday, 24 March 2006
This is an update that people who use non English languages will love. Among the new stuff, we have German,Polish and Italian localizations. I'd also like to thank  Andrea di Varmo   for the Italian translation.
In addition, support for a bunch of encodings has been added or improved. Currently OSXNews supports Latin-1, Latin-2,UTF-8,Euc-Kr, Latin-9,ISO-8859-16,Koi8-R, windows-1251, Big5 and GB2132. You can Grab the new version here.
Read on to see the entire changelog.
1. fixed menu where it showed show all isntead of expand all threads
2. double click expands full threads again
3. Localized to Polish
4. improved text encoding detection
5. added prelim latin-2 support (needs testing)
7. handles utf-8 (needs testing)
8. vastly improved text encoding detection
9. downloads missing content type and newsgroup headers
10. Localized to German
11. Memory leak and display reload issue fixed
12. Collapsing split views
13. Split views remember position
14. Q-encoding support
15. Euc-Kr, Latin-9,ISO-8859-16,Koi8-R, windows-1251, Big5, GB2132 added
16. added Italian localization
Last Updated ( Friday, 24 March 2006 )


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