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FreeWRL / FreeX3D is an open source compliant VRML /X3D browser for most systems!

FreeWRL/FreeX3D Home Page

FreeWRL development is supported by the Canadian Communications Research Centre (CRC).

Why should you use FreeWRL for your OSX/Linux 3D graphics needs?

Thanks for the trojan work on this - there is a large Mac community out there who is indebted to you. Well done and keep it up. -- David Murphy, Ireland.

FreeWRL \free-wuhr-ell\: (noun) 1. An essential tool for every Linux/Mac X3D/VRML toolbox. -- Robert "Exile In Paradise" Murphey, USA

FreeWRL not only enable us to run only OSS in our 3D modeling platform but also outclass other VRML/X3D plugins by its performances. -- Michel BRIAND, Myosotis Project Leader, Toulouse, France
FreeWRL has had an impressive track record, is here to stay. X3D Components get added, problems get resolved. Program with GLSL Shaders using the X3D Shaders Component, put your model exactly where you want them with the Geospatial Component, or just throw triangles to the screen as Extrusions, IndexedFaceSets, TriangleSets, Circle2D, Disk2D, Spheres, Boxes, Cubes; the list goes on and on.

With royalty free open standards, your models will continue to render, year after year.

Give FreeWRL a try, and please tell us what you think.

Your feedback is important to us. Contact information is available at the Contact page.

Latest News

    * December 18, 2009 Windows compatibility libraries updated; see the Windows download and build section:

      Windows Build Notes

    * December 17, 2009 Intel-only Apple OS-X release is available. This release does NOT have a Safari Plugin yet - please wait a bit longer. Other releases, and other platforms coming.

    * November 16, 2009An improved windows binary installer has been produced by Doug Sanden. It is available as "SetupFreeWRL-2009-Nov14.msi" in the downloads page.

    * November 9, 2009A Windows binary installer has been released. This is Beta software; we would be more than happy to receive feedback. Go to the "download" page, and look for the Windows Binary, and follow the directions.

    * October 14 2009The FreeWRL 1.22.5 OSX release had a problem with the initial package not containing libGLEW. I had hoped that this package had been rewritten when I had submitted a change to SourceForge, but it appears not to have propagated. So, I have just uploaded FreeWRL- to the downloads page; this should cure your libGLEW problems.

If you use FreeWRL in an interesting project, drop John Stewart (freewrl-09 -at- a note and tell us about it.

FreeWRL/FreeX3D Download Page

last update: December 17 2009.
OS X Universal Binary Release

    * Check the install guide if you do not know how to install FreeWRL.
    * This will download from the download server farm; check the Safari "Window" -> "Downloads" to see the status of the download.

There are currently two packages here; 1.22.6-intel, and 1.22.5. If you have a PowerPC machine, please ask for the 1.22.6-universal binary, or use the 1.22.5 release. (there are build issues on the PowerPC architecture with the latest source code) This package also does not have a Safari Plugin. It is coming...

If you do not know if you have an Intel machine, 1) if it is less than 4 years old, it is an intel machine, 2) if you click on the apple symbol at the top-left of the screen, then "About this Mac" it will tell you the processor type.

Click here to download version 1.22.6 - Intel machines only! (Download will happen, but some advertising might be shown)

Click here to download version 1.22.5. (Download will happen, but some advertising might be shown)

Source Code

Build instructions for specific Linux systems in the install pages.

Source Code is available in bz2 compressed format or uncompressed tar format. (Download will happen, but some advertising might be shown)

You can also download the latest FreeWRL code from CVS. Note that this is "live" code, and may not be stable. Here is the cvs command to download the code - see specific build pages to build the code:

cvs -z3 checkout -P freewrl

Linux Ubuntu and Debian Systems

Packaged by Michel Briand; FreeWRL is packaged as part of his Myosotis system.

For general access to Michel's software archive, Click here.

Linux Gentoo

Ian Stakenvicius creates ebuilds and patches for Gentoo. Latest for FreeWRL 1.22.4, July 27, 2009.

Available here.

Linux Redhat

Harold Blount creates source and binary RPMS for RedHat distros. Latest for FreeWRL 1.22.3, available June 04, 2009.

Available here.

Linux OpenSUSE

Lars Vogdt has kindly packaged OpenSUSE distributions of FreeWRL. The latest packaged can be found on the website.

Available here.

Windows Source and Binary Information

Binary Install: Courtesy of Doug Sanden, we have a beta version of a binary install for FreeWRL. Down load the file: SetupFreeWRL-2009-Nov14.msi double click it, follow the prompts, and install into

C:\Program Files\CRC

and you should have a beta version of our Windows executable. Feedback more than welcome.

Building Source: We have been porting FreeWRL/FreeX3D to the Windows platform. Here are some notes that will show you how to build and run FreeWRL on Windows.

Windows Build Notes.

Assistance on the windows port is especially welcome. If you have Windows programming experience, your help is requested.
Other Binary Distributions

We are always looking for people to package FreeWRL for other systems; if you can spare an hour or two per month, and know how to create an RPM, or whatever format your Linux system uses, we would be pleased to hear from you.
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