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Flappie is a Virtual Pet for Mac OS X 10.3 through 10.5
« on: December 24, 2009, 06:58:27 PM »
Flappie is a Virtual Pet for Mac OS X 10.3 through 10.5

Flappie: Flapiticus Docilicus Tadpole

The "flapper" is a rare amphibian species found only in the mountain ponds of Tibet. Flappers are very sensitive to weather conditions and there are 3 things vital to their survival - FOOD, PLAY & SLEEP. Caring for flappers is a daily task, if you neglect them they will die. If you care for your flapper well, it may just grow into something else.
Mac OS 10.3 (Panther), 10.4 (Tiger) and 10.5 (Leopard)

Frequently Asked Questions
I sometime hear a wolf howling on my computer. Am I going crazy or is Flappie doing this?
No you're not crazy. Flappie isn't the only creature living in Flappie world. ;) There's a wolf that howls everyday at dusk. If you're up early enough in the morning, you may be lucky to catch a rooster crowing at dawn.
Flappie does not recognize my city or even a major city near me. Is Flappie being selective here?
No, not at all. When you type in the name of your city, try to keep it simple. For example instead of New York City, just type in New York or for Washington D.C. just type in Washington. For city names with Non-English characters, use the English equivalent spelling instead. After typing the name as described above, click on the [Done] button. A list will then appear with possible choices of cities. Select your city from this list. The widget then flips back to the front and magically transports Flappie to that city.
What does Flappie evolve into?
Who would have thought a single cell could evolve into a human? We just don't know... yet.
How long does it take for Flappie to evolve?
Unfortunately the answer is a simple, yet complex one. It depends on the weather. That's right. Basically the longer Flappie stays in warmer temperatures the higher the chances are for it to evolve. The opposite is true for colder temperatures. However, when Flappie becomes sick – however you get it there – it greatly inhibits the evolution process. Once Flappie is cured, it will recover over time to its previous evolution level.
Can you explain to me what each button on Flappie is?
Function of buttons starting from left to right:

    * [Drumstick icon] This button is used to feed Flappie. When Flappie gets hungry it will start flashing red.
    * [Happy Face icon] This button is used to play with Flappie. When Flappie want to be played with, it will start flashing red.
    * [Speech Bubble] This button is used to discipline Flappie. Use it when Flappie gets sick from playing or eating too much. This will cure him.
    * [ZZs icon] This button is used to put Flappie to sleep. When Flappie gets sad, sleeping is the ONLY way to make him normal again.

What's the red heart for?
The Heart is an indicator of how alive Flappie feels. Flappie's heartbeat should be between 1 to 2 beats/sec. If it goes way below that, it means Flappie is starting to get really hungry and should be fed soon.
What's the number inside the Red heart for?
The number in the heart is the age of your Flappie in terms of days.
Does Flappie die when I turn off my computer?
Not at all. When you turn your computer off, Flappie goes into the hibernation state. In this state Flappie does not require any care – but it's no fun to play with either. When you turn your computer back on, Flappie will come back to life.
How can the research into Flappie's be expanded?
With the Flappie Research Team (FST) working day/night on (a shoestring budget!) trying discover the secrets of Flappie, it's hard to keep up with all of the requests from Flappie owners out there. The FST is doing it's best, however, to bring you these new discoveries. With donations from the Flappie community, we'll be able to speed up our research and expand into other exciting areas of Flappie science, such as training. To make a donation, click on the PayPal button on the back of the Flappie widget, or on the donation button below.
Anything else I should know?

   1. Feeding flappie twice a day should be enough to for him to make it through the day. Keep in mind that each time you feed Flappie make sure that you feed him until his heart rate is about 2 beats/sec. After reaching that point, press the feed button 2 more times. If done correctly, Flappie should be full at that point. If done wrong, Flappie may get sick from overfeeding. If this happens press the discipline button (3rd from left) to get Flappie back to normal, then press the food button twice to get Flappie back up to full.
   2. After Flappie is full, he can go without food for about 13 hours. If you need him to go longer without being attended to you will have to put him to sleep.
   3. While sleeping, flappie can go without food for about 40 hours.
   4. You can play with Flappie at anytime even if the play button (2nd from left) is not flashing.
   5. The main reason for making Flappie sleep is for him to survive longer. A sleeping flappie uses less food than a Flappie that is awake.
   6. The number of day that flappie has been alive is based on a day in the Flappie world. A Flappie day is a 24-hour period of your computer actually running (not off, in sleep or standby mode). So if your computer is on for say only 6 hours each day. It will take 4 days (6 X 4 = 24) for a day to go by in the Flappie world.
   7. When the food icon starts flashing, that means Flappie is REALLY REALLY hungry and does not have too much time to live. Don't wait for the icon to start flashing. Look to see how fast the heart is beating instead.

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