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Tilt2Joystick is a revolutionary application that allows users to tip and tilt their laptops to play games,

Tilt2Joystick is a revolutionary application that allows users to tip and tilt their laptops to play games, draw, scroll, and press any number of configurable keys for use in any application.  With Tilt2Joystick, you can use your entire laptop like a joystick controller. Who says iPhone owners should have all the fun?  Tilt2Joystick is lightweight and fast, allowing it to be run seamlessly in the background and used in any application.  No special programming skills are needed, you can just start up the application and begin using right away. (Requires Macintosh Laptop with Sudden Motion Sensor)


    * Easy-to-use interface: no programming required
    * Laptop doesn’t need to be at rest in order to use
    * Easily disabled and enabled
    * Includes customizable keys via a simple listen interface
    * Runs in background and can be used in any application
    * Fast polling of Motion Sensor gives quick response

1 .On / Off button: Enable and disable Tilt2Joystick.

2. Set sliders for activate points, X Axis: You can change the grey sliders to indicate where you want the tilting to begin sending output to other applications.  Use the incoming SMS data indicator as a guide, to show you where your laptop is currently positioned. When you tilt your laptop, the black incoming SMS data indicator will move (provided Tilt2Joystick is turned on).  When the end of the black line enters the area you have set with the grey sliders, the corresponding button will light up (about the direction buttons). Set the grey sliders to the right and left side for the X Axis.

3. Set sliders for activate points, Y Axis: As above, but with Y Axis and up and down indicators. It’s important to note that although the resulting messages sent are for up and down (as one would describe the arrow keys on your keyboard), what you will be doing with the laptop is you will be tilting it back and forward. For more information on how to tilt your laptop, please view the tutorial video.

4. Key set and display buttons: Once you set your activate points using the sliders as described above, you can tip your laptop back, forward, right and left (remember that back and forward become up and down on the display and output), and the direction activation display buttons should light green to indicate whenever you trigger an activation point.  There is one lit button for each direction: Left, Right, Up, and Down.  You can change the key that Tilt2Joystick triggers, by clicking on any direction button and typing in a new key while Tilt2Joystick “listens”.  Listening is indicated by a flashing message above the activation points, and by a flashing border on the direction that you are currently changing. End listening by either entering a key or by clicking anywhere else.  Note that you can’t use Function keys, Alt, Apple, Ctrl, Caps Lock, or Shift.  Tilt2Joystick has default keys based on four directions as sent to the 4 arrow keys on the standard Macbook or Sudden Motion Sensor-enabled  Powebook G4 or iBook G4 number pad (see compatible laptops here).

5. Flip X and/or Y Axis: You can choose to Flip the readout from either the X or Y axes.  Note that this will most likely be necessary for most laptops, since the Motion Sensor Data is seemingly non-standard from Apple’s end. In other words, some laptops will have the SMS data read one way, and some will have it the opposite.  You can use these buttons to set your laptop correctly.  Tilting to the left should light the left button, the right should light the right, tilting the laptop back should light the up button and forward should light the down button. If these are backwards, then you should use the Flip buttons to correct it. Here is an overview of some laptops I have tested. This is not a comprehensive or cross-checked list, but it should act as a guideline.

    * Macbook Pro 17? Aluminum: No Flip
    * Macbook Pro 17? Unibody: Flip X
    * Macbook Pro 15? Unibody 1st Gen: Flip X
    * Macbook Pro 15? Unibody 2.8: Flip Y and X
    * Macbook 13? Unibody 2.26 and 2.53: Flip Y
    * Macbook Air: Flip Y
    * Macbook Black 2 Ghz: Flip Y
    * Macbook White 2 Ghz (second generation?): Flip Y, Flip X
    * Macbook Unibody: Flip Y

Please contact me if you have info on a laptop not listed here!

5a. New in version 1.1! You can switch the X and Y axis: necessary for some laptop models. More info

6. Set sliders using auto position: These buttons allow you to calculate activate points with the X and Y axis sliders automatically based on the current position of your laptop. Estimate: Use this if your laptop is off center.  For example, if you are reclining on a chair with your laptop in your knees, then you can use this function to set off-center activation points. Center: This will set the activation points based on a laptop that is at rest, such as one that is on a level table or other flat surface.

7. Incoming SMS data: These are the thinner sliders that can’t be changed by the user. They are indicators showing you the position of your laptop. They only give a readout when Tilt2Joystick is turned on using the On/Off button.

Tilt2Joystick features default key codes that correspond to the 4 arrow keys on most compatible laptops.  This will be useful for people who want to play online or desktop games that use the arrow keys, or who want to scroll and move forward and backward in documents.

System Requirements

   1. PPC or Intel Macintosh running OS X 10.4 or later
   2. A laptop with the Sudden Motion Sensor. This includes all Intel-based Apple portables such as the MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, PowerBook G4 computers starting with PowerBook G4 (12-inch 1.5GHz), PowerBook G4 (15-inch 1.67/1.5GHz), PowerBook G4 (17-inch 1.67GHz), and iBook G4 computers starting with iBook G4 (Mid 2005)
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