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PIM Xtreme is a free Open Source application for management of personal information

PIM Xtreme is a free Open Source application for management of personal information (PIM: Personal Information Manager) configurable and highly flexible (or at least that is the goal). It aims to be a powerful organizer for your personal data.

All this information is stored in a relational database (MySQL for the moment) to be able to be accessed and consulted in a flexible way. It also allows exporting most of its data to several standard formats (CSV, XML, iCalendar, etc.).

The modules structure is:

    * Agenda
          o Contacts
          o Notes / annotations (with encryption)
          o Tasks / to-do list
          o Events / appointments
          o Calendar
    * Finance
          o Accounts
          o Movements (means financial movements)
          o Reports


    * Alerts
    * Global Labels
    * Today Panel
    * Export/Import data
    * Export Calendar
    * etc...

And finally, you can group, label and link information from one module to another. For example, you can relate a Contact to an Account, or an Event to a Task.

This software is released under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).

Key Features

Make your information, your way.

Customize your system and your data structure. Label your information and feel free to organize it in groups and/or types.
What are the Global Labels? With them you have one set of labels for labeling all your contacts, financial movements, etc.
Export / Import    
Data exporting / importing

Move your information anywhere you want.

Export and import all your data to standard format files such as CSV, XML, iCalendar, or even vCard for Contacts.

Let PIM Xtreme™ to remember for you.

Define custmizable alerts for contacts birthday, tasks due date, events or whatever you like. Frequency supported.
Encrypted notes    
Encrypted notes

Because your notes are probably your PRIVATE notes.

Save your sensible data in encrypted notes. PIM Xtreme™ uses the AES algorithm for encryption, which gives it the strength you need.

Type and find, that simple.

Find whatever you want in place just by typing it on-the-fly in every grid.
Today Panel    
Today at glance

What you need to know, when you need to know it.

With the Today Panel you will be able to keep up-to-date easily and quickly with your events, tasks, birthdays or even your financial status.
Everything customizable, of course.
Your view

Arrange your view.
PIM Xtreme™ uses the well-known MDI (Multiple Document Interface) as its main view so you can arrange your windows the way you want.    MDI interface

Because everything is related.

You can link some elements with other ones. Contacts with Accounts, Events with Tasks, etc.
External storage

Let's make your information really yours.

PIM Xtreme™ saves all your information in an external database engine, the widely known MySQL. Thanks to that your data is not propietary, and you will have completely control over it. PIM Xtreme™ should be just a great interface for managing it.
Of course a tool is provided for the correct administration of your database, the PIM Xtreme™ Database Manager.
   Database diagram
More than just a PIM    
More than just a PIM

Because you wanted more.

Besides all the Key Features, PIM Xtreme™ is primary a PIM software. That means you can count with all the common PIM features: calendar, contacts, events, to-do list, etc.
But that's not the only thing you'll get. PIM Xtreme™ also let you organize your financial information! And it does it in a simple and customizable way.
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