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Splendid City Sports Scheduler Lite (formally known as 'Advanced Team Scheduler') is a free sports scheduling software system. (The "Pro Version" is a $39 upgrade but the free version should be enough for YOUR needs ....)

Welcome To The Home of Splendid City, Sports Scheduler!

Splendid City® (formally known as 'Advanced Team Scheduler' ) is available as a free, easy-to-use, full-featured league and tournament sports scheduling software system, dedicated to the volunteers who spend countless hours towards the noble cause of organized sports. Let's move those kids away from their TVs, off the streets... and into the arenas!

Download Splendid City Sports Scheduler Now!

Start scheduling sports events for your tournament or league and download a free copy of Splendid City Lite sports scheduler for your specified computer platform from one of the following locations. The links below for Windows, Linux and UNIX users are distributed with bundled Java runtime environments (JRE) and are automatically configured by the installer. If you are not sure whether Java is already installed on your machine, you should download from the following group of files as it will not affect your Java installation regardless. Macintosh OS X Jaguar v10.2.6 or higher with Java 1.4.x is required to run the Mac version. Works by default with the current release, Snow Leopard v10.6

Splendid City 6.7.4 for Macintosh OS X (11.3 MB, dmg.gz) from Niagara Software
Splendid City 6.7.4 for Windows 7, VISTA, XP, 2000, NT (20.7 MB) from Niagara Software
Splendid City 6.7.4 for Linux (34.8 MB) from Niagara Software
Splendid City 6.7.4 for Solaris UNIX (33.1 MB) from Niagara Software

Downloads for Windows, Linux and Unix machines that already have a system wide Java runtime environment installed can download Splendid City from here. To get the Aero graphics effects, Windows Vista users are recommended to download & install the free Java 1.6 [Mustang] library.

Detailed installation instructions for your platform can be found on the linked page.

Downloads for Windows 95 & Windows 98, and Classic Macs can be found on our software legacy page there also.

For faster download times, Windows users looking to update their current Splendid City 6.x or higher installation can download the smaller file without the bundled Java runtime there.

Upgrading to the Splendid City Professional distribution is $39.60 US, and can be unlocked from within the Lite version.

Splendid City Description Summary

Splendid City Team Sports Scheduler, and Sports Scheduling Software System is useful for people who organize team sports or game events. It can manage sports schedules of any size and complexity. Simply fill in the requested information into the wizard like interface, and Splendid City automates the season, tournament, league, match, round-robin and practice schedules. A great first step and time saving tool for anyone who frequently does organizational sports scheduling. Splendid City can schedule sports with any user specified combination of dates and times. Create professional double or single elimination tournaments brackets, round-robin league schedules, swiss round tournaments, cross divisional or practice schedules for any sport that requires pairings. For those of you evaluating the various sports scheduling software applications, have a look at this feature comparison chart.

It features options that include the ability to set team and field constraints, game lengths; configurative time management utilities to help you organize events the way you would like; object constraint sharing; automatic schedule generation and re-generation; configurative project web site creation, tournament brackets; publishing via FTP, export to HTML, CSV, iCalendar, XML; import from CSV; standings support with tie-breaker formulas; contact management; import teams, fields, officials, players and player rosters from other users' projects ; constraint and conflict checking and resolution.

Users can freely exchange all data associated with projects with other users who have a free copy of Splendid City Lite installed regardless of platform. The application comes with an integrated e-mail client that can aid with the exchange of object files among organization members. There is also a simple FTP client for direct uploading to web domains from within the schedule view frame.

The scheduler gives you complete control over all aspects of the schedule, and creates solutions effortlessly and elegantly in accordance with the user data entered. It can be custom-tailored, and with repeated use via a plugin interface, can be made to automatically accomplish users' unique scheduling needs.

The user experience is interactive and straight forward. The application comes fully documented with a built in searchable help system to provide answers to implementation questions.

It has so many features that they couldn't be listed in one page!... .

A Brief History of Splendid City

Splendid City® originally began development as 'Team Scheduler' in December,1999, and was commissioned by the Silver Lake Soccer Club founding members as a prototype application to solve team sport scheduling problems the club generally encountered. It started simply with several cases of team sizes needed when sponsoring it's own round robin tournaments. An easy option for creating simple web pages for publishing on the web was also requested. Team Scheduler 1.4 was released to the general public to measure the interest in an affordable sports scheduling application available for several platforms.
With time and an expanding client base, a need for unlimited handling of team sizes and field assignments was called for. In response, an object oriented approach was devised, where the idea that individual teams, fields, locations could be saved as separate files to facilitate repetitive data entry. The idea was to greatly reduce the amount of data entry associated with creating and maintaining league schedules over time. It was then that developer Amin Ghadersohi was invited to participate in the development of Team Scheduler. A new development platform was adopted using Java, so as to aid in the implementation of cross platform solutions. A few weeks after participating with the development team, Ghandersohi, siting incongruence of developmental goals, quits to launch his own version of Team Scheduler called Sports Schedulated: Team Scheduler.
A month later, in January 2001, Niagara Software releases it's new version of Team Scheduler called, Advanced Team Scheduler. Interest gained rapidly, perhaps as the result of expanded feature set or perhaps from having two sport scheduling applications with similar names available on the market place. Niagara Software decides to maintains commitment to Classic Macintosh users in spite of calls for graphical enhancements and the release of Mac OS X. Platforms officially supported included Classic Macintosh, Mac OS X, Windows 9x; NT;2000, Linux, UNIX.
With a rapidly expanding client base Niagara Software agrees to commit more resources to the development of Advanced Team Scheduler. New releases become more frequent, at a rate of approximately one release per month. Several enhancements are implemented, including single and double elimination tournaments, multiple project support, exporting to spreadsheet formats, and the ability to customize HTML output. Also a system to manage object specific constraints was implemented. Winter of 2002 - Spring of 2003, support for officials and official crews as well as players and player rosters was added.
Summer of 2003, with the rapid rate of development, a new method for saving persistent data was required to support data migration across versions as well as platforms. Advanced Team Scheduler begins the adoption the XML format for storing persistent data, opening up the possibility of distributing projects using only the free demonstration version of the software.
In the Fall of 2003, plans were devised for the evolution of Advanced Team Scheduler to include a new distinguishing name, graphic, and distribution framework. The name Splendid City was adopted and name trademark application was made. Because the demonstration version of Advanced Team Scheduler was incorporating many of the new features completely unrestricted, it was decided to release a free 'Lite' version, as well as an inexpensive Pro version that carried the full feature set. A new distinguishing icon was commissioned from graphic artist Joshua Jones of
December of 2003, Splendid City® is released to the general public.


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