Author Topic: Christmas Eve Crisis lets you help Santa deliver the presents  (Read 7075 times)

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Christmas Eve Crisis lets you help Santa deliver the presents
« on: January 08, 2010, 01:45:32 AM »
Christmas Eve Crisis lets you help Santa deliver the presents!

Christmas Eve Crisis for mobile devices lets you help Santa deliver the presents

Download full game!
It's completely FREE!
Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android


It's Christmas Eve.

Everyone is sound asleep, while up in the North Pole, Santa Claus is getting ready for his deliveries. Christmas presents destined for children around the world lie safely in his sack, and his sleigh has been equipped with the latest time-saving technology.

But this year, things will not go as smoothly as planned. A sleigh accident will scatter thousands of presents over the landscape, forcing Santa into a race against time to gather and deliver them in time for Christmas morning.

Sunrise is quickly coming... Help Santa make his deliveries and give children everywhere a Christmas they'll never forget!


    10 levels — travel around the world!
    Christmas items — collect all 10 different types!
    Secret areas — there's so much more than meets the eye!
    Internet high score tables — compare yourself with people from all over the world!
    Original seasonal graphics and music.


Microsoft Windows    Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
500MHz CPU
DirectX 9.0
3D graphics card

MacOS X    MacOS X 10.4
Intel CPU

Linux    32-bit Linux
600MHz CPU
OpenGL accelerator
SDL 1.2 (optional)

Android    Android 2.3

Windows Phone    Windows Phone 8
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