Author Topic: Veusz is a cross platform scientific plotting package.  (Read 2812 times)

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Veusz is a cross platform scientific plotting package.
« on: January 25, 2010, 07:31:52 PM »
Veusz is a cross platform scientific plotting package.

Veusz - A Scientific Plotting Package
Velvet Ember Under Sky Zenith 1.6

Veusz is a GUI scientific plotting and graphing package. It is designed to produce publication-ready Postscript or PDF output. SVG, EMF and bitmap formats export are also supported. The program runs under Unix/Linux, Windows or Mac OS X, and binaries are provided. Data can be read from text, CSV or FITS files, and data can be manipulated or examined from within the application.

In Veusz plots are created by building up plotting widgets with a consistent object-based interface. The program also provides a command line and scripting interface (based on Python) to its plotting facilities. It can also act as a Python plotting module.

Veusz is written in Python. Its user interface uses PyQt (Wiki) and Numpy is used to manipulate data.

Features include:

    * X-Y plots (with errorbars)
    * Images (with colour mappings)
    * Contour plots (filled/unfilled)
    * Stepped plots (for histograms)
    * Bar graphs
    * Line plots
    * Function plots
    * Stacked plots and arrays of plots
    * Plot keys
    * Plot labels
    * Shapes and arrows on plots
    * LaTeX-like formatting for text
    * EPS / PNG / PDF / SVG / EMF output
    * Simple, CSV and FITS data importing
    * Scripting interface
    * Dataset manipulation
    * Embed Veusz within other programs


Veusz is Free Software and is licenced under the GPL (version 2 or greater). Please read the file COPYING included in this distribution for information about the licence, or see GNU. Veusz is Copyright © 2003-2010 Jeremy Sanders.

The lead author so far is Jeremy Sanders. Contact me at jeremy at jeremysanders dot net. If you wish to send questions to a wider audience, contact the mailing list.


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