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iVisit is FREE Videoconferencing for Windows OR Macintosh X

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Combine video conferencing, voice calls, instant messaging, AVMessaging, filesharing and web co-browsing for richer online meetings with family, colleagues or customers
   Interact privately 1:1, in 8 way videoconference rooms, 100 party channels or with iVisit Plus up to 15 others
   Video conference, audio call, message and collaborate across Windows & Mac Operating Systems and hardware
   Share pictures, videos, music or any file format during voice calls or video conferences
   Transfer files and folders in the background; share your albums and movies with family and friends. Bypass email and experience the benefits of iVisit security
   Offer affordable video conferencing to your team, business, school or community
   Create an iVisit Lite account for free and see how well it works for you

iVisit was created and is constantly improved by Tim Dorcey, the inventor of IP video conferencing way back at Cornell University in 1991. Tim was credited by the Wall Street Journal as the man who "gave the internet eyes and ears".  He spends at least 12 hours a day making sure iVisit meets your needs and brings you the latest in communication technology.

Full time operations and support is provided by a friendly and knowledgeable team spread all over the globe - Welcome and support teams that personally greet hundreds of new users each day and provide all the answers in near real time. The iVisit company is comprised of domain experts from all over the world,  all share a passion for leveraging technology to maintain and develop their long distance relationships.

iVisit integrates audio, video, chat, messaging, file sharing and collaboration into a simple yet powerful package that works on dial-up and broadband connections, PC and Mac computers.

iVisit makes it easy to meet face-to-face with co-workers, friends and family, across the widest assortment of computers and connections. You can also experience the largest international video community on the net, connecting with iVisitors in over 138 countries.

Using the power of your own computer and Internet connection, iVisit turns your desktop into a virtual living room, conference room, café, or videophone. Whatever you choose. And best of all, it actually works on your machine.


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