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Hey Its Free has an impressive list of free offers and a great page of Birthday Offers too!

About Hey, It's Free!

Hey there, I'm Goob and this is Hey, It's Free, otherwise known as HIF. I spend my days looking for 100% legit, non-spammy freebies. Have a look around and you'll realize we're the #1 site for freebies!

About HIF

Hey, It’s Free! (HIF) is an awesome website run by the coolest person in the world, Goob. It’s dedicated to finding the best freebies on the ‘net. Period.

You will never need a credit card or a single dime to get any of the freebies posted on HIF. You’re sure to have a good time as long as you have a mailing address and a sense of humor, not necessarily in that order. To date, I’ve gotten plenty of t-shirts, pens, coffee mugs, calendars, coupons, candy, and tons of other little knickknacks – all for free!

So Can I Have Some Freebies?

Of course! All you have to do is click on the blue link (see this photo for examples) for whichever freebies you want. You’ll then be taken to the company’s website, where you can enter in your mailing address and have the freebie sent to you. Please do not send me or post your mailing address here on HIF since we don’t give away the freebies!


Goob – The ringleader of this circus, Goob started HIF years ago and is still in charge. So all complaints, compliments, and drunken voicemails should be sent in his direction. His hobbies include reading, launching his own space program, and molding busts of Napoleon Bonaparte out of tin foil.

Adam – Eccentric and creative in his own right, Adam is somewhat of a self appointed enigma to balance out Goob’s personality… or so he’d like to think. When he’s not working hard on hardly working, he can be found at his own website, writing abstract prose and music, reading political books and poetry, heckling bad sci-fi and horror movies with his wife, or chasing his cats around with freeze dried salmon pieces while wearing an ALF mask.

Shaynon – A self proclaimed pink girl and writer of freebie reviews, found HIF by accident. Finding her calling writing freebie reviews for the loyal readers she has finally found her home. When she’s not being her sun shinny self to everyone she is making trouble and having fun with fellow hiffer and pink girl Froggie. Going coupon crazy alongside the masses and having blond moments daily are a few of her hobbies. When not playing her part in the awesomeness that is HIF, she likes to write, read everything, make the world pink and stalk those she loves.

Technical Stuff is registered from GoDaddy and is hosted by the wonderful folks over at QuickPacket. The workhorses powering HIF are Wordpress, far too many plugins to name, and a whole lot of free coffee!

Many of the icons and images on HIF are part of the Silk package, which is available for free from Fam Fam Fam. The forums are a highly modified version of Invision Power Board.

I’d also like to thank Nurudin Jauhari and Spiga for the wonderful Wordpress themes they give away for free, some of which I used to construct the current HIF design.

I looked over this list today ...

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« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2010, 07:15:48 PM » is a free, easy to use, one stop resource

No Membership Required! is a free, easy to use, one stop resource that answers... "What can I get free for my birthday?"

Just ask the Birthday Freebie Expert who started this fast-growing online directory that features businesses across the nation and in Canada offering birthday freebies, deals and discounts to adults, kids and even beloved pets. Search locally to find offers near you!

Celebrating birthdays is so much sweeter when you're enjoying free birthday stuff and birthday discount deals like these:


    * Free movie rental for birthday
    * Free birthday bowling
    * Golf or ski free on birthday
    * Free rock climbing
    * Free admission to the movies, museums, theme parks and zoos
    * Free credits/tokens for video games at family entertainment centers


    * Free birthday meals, free dinners, free appetizers, free desserts
    * Free kids meal - birthday club activities


    * Free tanning session for birthday
    * Free treats for pets
    * Free birthday car wash
    * Free birthday spa treatments or admission to spa
    * Birthday discounts on clothing, shoes, toys, books & more
    * Free cosmetics for birthday


    * Birthday discounts on hotel rooms, cruises and transportation
    * Special birthday amenities while vacationing

No need to cram everything into one day either! Most of these birthday deals are good for the birthday week or even birthday month!


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