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wikiHow is the world's largest, highest quality, online how-to manual

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What is wikiHow?

wikiHow is a collaboration to build and share the world's largest, highest quality how-to manual. Imagine if everyone on Earth had an expert coach who could teach them how to do anything. Eventually, our multilingual how-to manual should contain accurate instructions on almost every imaginable topic. This freely available information will improve millions of lives, in both small and great ways.

Every month, millions of people turn to wikiHow to learn how to do something new. By contributing your knowledge to wikiHow, you will help people all over the world learn new things.

How does wikiHow work?

wikiHow is a wiki, which is a web site that anyone can write and anyone can edit. Any visitor to wikiHow can create a new page to write about how to do something. Once the page is submitted, any other visitor can edit, improve, or change the page. Over time, the quality of the page rises as many people make improvements. All changes on the site are displayed on "recent changes" and also in the "page history" of each specific article. wikiHow works because we trust our users to behave in a manner which helps others. As a result, our contributors quickly remove vandalism, nonsense, and material inappropriate for our how-to manual.

How can I help?

Please improve wikiHow by editing any page! While some articles may need more help than others, essentially any article here can be improved. Browse our articles in the early stages of development and see if you can add some information. If you are a good speller, these articles will benefit from your expertise. Share your knowledge if you can find a topic not yet covered by writing a new page by clicking "Create a wikiHow Article" in the top right of most pages on the site. If you need ideas of topics to write you can look at a list of suggested articles made by other users. Be sure to search first, though, as many of the suggested articles have already been written. You are welcome to edit any existing page you find on the site. Read this page to learn more ways to contribute to wikiHow. Take the wikiHow Tour to learn more even more.

Some Guidelines

Consider the following when interacting on wikiHow.

   1. Be civil. Be kind, supportive, and friendly to those you are collaborating with. Assume good faith in others. We are all here to write a great how-to manual.
   2. Show Empathy. Treat others with kindness and respect, as you would like others to treat you.
   3. Be bold. If you think your action will advance our mission, do it!
   4. Don't spam us. Please only add external links if the site was used as reference for information you added to an article.
   5. Expect your writing to be modified, critiqued, and improved by others. Changes should be viewed in the spirit of improvement and not as a negative criticism of your approach or capabilities.

Want to join the community?

While you don't need to register to read, write, or edit on wikiHow, registering and officially joining the community provides several advantages. To register, click on Special:Userlogin in the upper right corner of most pages.

Can I help make wikiHow in my language?

Yes! Right now, wikiHow is predominantly for English speakers only, which is unfortunate. Ideally, wikiHow should be freely available to people all over the world in their own language. Multilingual wikiHows are now slowly being built in Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Dutch. To help develop these sites into something useful, please feel free to start editing them. You can also sign up to help create a new wikiHow in your language.

Keep up to date with what is happening

You can keep up to date with what is happening at wikiHow by reading the forums or The wikiHow Herald. The wikiHow Herald also offers a service that allows you to have it sent to your talk page after each new publication.

Creative Commons Licensed

wikiHow licenses all content under a Creative Commons license. This license allows wikiHow content to be used freely by any organization or person for any non-commercial purpose. Allowing free republication of our content helps achieve wikiHow's mission by offering our instructions to the problems of everyday life to even more people for free.

wikiHow will always be free

wikiHow is freely available to anyone in the world: free of charge and free to edit. Our goal is to help as many people as possible by sharing our instructions and therefore we will never charge for access to the site. We thrive on openness and collaboration, and will always welcome contribution from anyone, anywhere in the world.

How does wikiHow support itself financially?

wikiHow needs funds to sustain its operations, but rather than ask our users for contributions, we have chosen to display tasteful, non-obnoxious advertising on the website. We do not have pop-up ads, pop-under ads, spyware, or other scumware. Our advertising is highly minimal. In fact, we don't show advertising at all to registered users. We think that tasteful advertising is the most unobtrusive way to fund our operations. For more information, you can read the history of wikiHow here and find an answer to the question "is wikiHow a non-profit?" here.

What software does wikiHow use?

wikiHow is powered by MediaWiki open source software created by volunteers for use on Wikipedia and other wikis. It is available for free under the GNU General Public License. If you would like a free copy of our modifications, please see this page for more info and a download link.


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