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DivineLifeSociety has over 200 books on Yoga, religion and philosophy available!

Recommended by Gizmo Richards (or his staff) over at
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My Thanks to him and his staff!

Free Books on Yoga, Religion and Philosophy
The books published by The Divine Life Society are being made available on the web in both Portable Document Format (PDF) and HTML. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or better to view the PDF books. Since all books are not in HTML yet, you may want to visit for information on converting the PDF files to HTML via the web or e-mail.    

Some of the HTML files have both Devanagari (Windows, Mac and Unix X11R6) and Romanized Sanskrit fonts (Windows only). Instructions to install the fonts can be found at Avinash Chopde's ITRANS site. Press the "Shift" key and click on a link to download the fonts for your system:

    * Windows (zip file contains both Devanagari (Xdvng.ttf) and Romanized Sanskrit (Wnribx.ttf, Wnrir.ttf and Wnriti.ttf))
    * Mac
    * Unix X11R6

If you do not install these fonts, you will see some other characters in place of the Sanskrit fonts but the English texts are not affected.

You do not need to install the fonts if you are viewing the PDF files.

If you would like to be informed of titles as they become available, you can join "The Divine Life Society" e-mailing list by typing your e-mail address in the following form and clicking on the button. Please do not subscribe your friends to this list. You can let them know about this page and they can subscribe by themselves if they want to.

Please let me know of any typographical errors that you may find in these books.

Please visit our E-Bookstore if you would like to obtain the print edition of some of these publications. Our E-Bookstore is at:

Thank you.

Latest Uploads:

    * Sivananda: The Apostle of Peace and Love By Swami Paramananda (September 8, 2008).
    * Guru-Bhakti Yoga By Swami Sivananda (July 28, 2007).
    * Kingly Science Kingly Secret By Swami Sivananda (July 30, 2006).
    * Inspiring Talks of Gurudev Sivananda By Swami Venkatesananda (December 27, 2005).
    * I Live to Serve By Sri N. Ananthanarayanan (April 26, 2005).
    * Self-Knowledge By Swami Sivananda (December 18, 2002).
    * A Great Guru And His Ideal Disciple By Swami Sivananda (July 24, 2002).
    * Light on the Yoga Way of Life By Swami Chidananda (January 26, 2002).
    * Sivananda Yoga By Swami Venkatesananda (December 28, 2001).
    * Spotlights on the Ramayana By Swami Premananda (November 12, 2001).
    * Practice of Karma Yoga By Swami Sivananda (October 20, 2001).
    * Practical Lessons in Yoga By Swami Sivananda (October 10, 2001).
    * A Message To New Initiates By Swami Chidananda (October 6, 2001).
    * Karmas and Diseases By Swami Sivananda (September 28, 2001).
    * Swami Sivananda-A Modern Sage (September 8, 2001).
    * Philosophy of Dreams By Swami Sivananda (August 18, 2001).

*--document has sanskrit fonts.


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