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Qaop is a ZX Spectrum ( TIMEX / Sinclair brand home computer) emulator Java applet. It mostly plays old 80s arcade games.


Qaop is a ZX Spectrum emulator Java applet.

    * Emulates Speccy 48K.
    * Good Z80 and screen emulation.
    * Sound: speaker and AY.
    * Loads SNA and Z80 snaps.
    * Loads TAP tapes.
    * Supports Gzip and ZIP compression.
    * 2x zoom.

» Try it online first.
Manic Miner
Ant Attack
Space Raiders
Binary:    qaop.jar (44k)
Source:    qaop-1.1.tar.gz (2009-10-23)

This software is released under the GNU GPL licence. If you use modified version, don't forget to put sources on the web.

load   snapshot (Z80, SNA) or cartridge (ROM) to run, tape (TAP) to autoload.
tape   tape image (TAP).
rom   alternative ROM image.
if1rom   Interface 1 ROM image. Device itself is not emulated.
focus   grab focus on start (default 1).
ay   enable AY (default 0).
muted   no sound on start (default 0).
volume   volume level (0..100, default 40).
mask   overlay image (eg. tv.png). Slows down.
arrows   redefine arrow keys.

You may specify file within ZIP using fragment identifier (eg. Otherwise first suitable file will be selected.

The "arrows" parameter consists of up to four chars representing keys (in LRUD order). Use lowercase letters for alpha keys, C [Caps Shift], S [Symbol Shift], _ [Space], E [Enter].

reset()   reset Spectrum.
pause(y)   pause (true or false).
load(file)   load snapshot or tape.
tape(file)   insert tape. (pass null to remove)
save()   return data URL to current state (Z80 snapshot).
mute(y)   silence (true or false).
volume(v)   get/set volume level (0..100).
state()   emulator state
bit 0:paused, 1:loading, 2:muted.
mask(file)   change overlay. (pass null to clear)

Shift,[   caps shift
Ctrl,Alt,]   symbol shift
Tab   extended mode
Esc   edit
CtrlDel   reset Spectrum
F11   mute
PgUp,PgDn   change sound volume
Pause   toggle pause

HTML example:

      <applet name=qaop archive=qaop.jar code=Qaop width=320 height=256>
      <param name=load value=demo.tap>
      <param name=ay value=1>

(Don't forget to upload qaop.jar on the server)

Mime types

Qaop recognizes following MIME types:
application/zip   ZIP archive
application/x.zx.rom   ROM image
application/x.zx.tap   TAP file
application/x.zx.sna   SNA snapshot
application/x.zx.z80   Z80 snapshot
(append .gz for gzipped variants; Content-Encoding is also recognized)

As a fallback, type recognition based on filename extension is used.

      Qaop128 - project fork
      iGoogle gadget
      ZX Spectrum on facebook[/b]
      Java Z80 comparison utils

   Sites using Qaop:
      Them were the days
      Classic Online Games
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