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Bookvar is an extremely easy and funny to use mind mapping tool for .NET 3.5


    * Rapid and interactive creation of mind maps
      Creating mind maps with Bookvar is as easy and funny as playing computer games. You can build your mind maps in a matter of seconds by using handy keyboard shortcuts. You can drag files from your computer and drop them in the mind map.
    * Stunning User Experience
       Richer user interface built on top of Windows Presentation Foundation - Microsoft's next generation UI framework. Slick, user-friendly interface based on the Office Fluent Ribbon. Cool 3D animation effects.
    * Collaboration
      Create mind maps together with your friends and colleagues. All you need is connection between computers. Each user receives a unique color which identifies topics created by him. Share thoughts and ideas using the integrated chat support.
    * Extensible Architecture
      Use custom add-ins to extend Bookvar's functionality. Create custom skins to change the mind map appearance.
    * Rich Media Integration
      Add images directly in your topics. Embed and play movies. Attach other resources to your topics as files.
    * Web Aware
      Search for images directly from the web using Microsoft Live Services. Publish your maps to your Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. Attach links to web pages directly in your map's topics.

Download Bookvar

.NET Framework 3.5
Bookvar is build on the latest Microsoft technologies. It is based on the .NET Framework 3.5. Don't worry if you don't have it installed on your computer - Bookvar comes bundled with it.

Bookvar is not a black box, but quiet the opposite. It provides rich extensibility model and allows for developers to build custom add-ins. You can find more information on how to develop add-ins in the development section of the site. Here is a list of custom add-ins that we have built for you to try:
o    FaceBookvar - look at your Facebook friends in a new way.
o    Speech - reads out the whole mind map.
o    MindManager Import - imports file from the MindManager application.

Bookvar supports skins which change the look and feel of mind maps. For now only a list of predefined skins is available but we will provide the ability to create your own skins in future versions. This will allow you to unleash your designer talent and create cutting-edge mind map presentations. Till then here is the list of skins we currently have:
o    Clean - gives clean look at your ideas and allow you to stay focused on your thoughts.
o    Presentation - interactive skin, perfect for presentation or showing off.
o    Stylish - simple and polished skin.


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