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Time Machine Buddy Organizes and displays the Time Machine system logs for Mac OS X 10.4 or Later

The Time Machine Buddy organises and displays the systems logs generated by Apple’s Time Machine Backup feature found in Mac OS X Leopard.   With this widget you will be able to quickly tell what is happening behind the scenes for the backup in progress or any previous backups.

The widget will poll the system logs for backups every 15 minutes.  If a backup is active it will poll every 5 seconds until completed.  If the Dashboard is closed all polling is stopped.   You can manually trigger a refresh by mouse clicking the refresh button.

Since this widget only reads the system logs it will not interfere or disrupt the Time Machine.

Known Issues: 

1. Multiple manual backups may appear in the same message window if triggered immediately after each other.

The user running the Dashboard must have “administration” rights for the widget to read the system.log file.  Open “System Preferences” then “Accounts” and check “Allow user to administer this computer” for the selected account.

2. Sometimes the system logs can become corrupt and the widget is unable to read the contents (freezes).   You can simple delete the system.log and system.log.bz2 files.  To do this run the “Terminal” application and at the prompted enter the following command.

sudo rm /var/log/system.log.0.bz2 /var/log/system.log

The system will prompt you for your password.  Close the Terminal application and restart the computer.  Once a Time Machine backup starts you should see activity in the Time Machine Buddy.


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