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Atomic Combat is a 'location guessing' game in the spirit of Battleship

1. Full Nuclear Combat!
3. Complete and utter destruction!
4. High scores posted to!
5. Improved graphics and sounds!
6. Faster, more sensical gameplay!
7. New "card game" to determine weapons and resources!

Atomic Combat 2.0
Released: 12/11/08
Size: ~17MB
Requirements: Mac OSX 10.4+
Sound, Shirt, Shoes, a little time

What the hell is it?
Atomic Combat is a 'location guessing' game in the spirit of Battleship: You have factories, cities, research centers, reactors, silos, airfields and hopefully enough nuclear weapons to destroy your three closest neighbors. However you don't know where their resources and cities are… You are firing blind into a grid of possible locations, trying desperately to maim, kill, or irradiate as many citizens of your alleged 'enemies' as possible… The problem is that they're all doing the same thing…

Version 2.0 brings all the fun and destructive excitement from version 1.0 and adds tons of new features like the "card game", where the future of your country and nuclear weapons program rests on a single game of cards, and a points system to determine the winner! The graphics and sounds have also been completely revamped and completely mojiferfied, making for a prettier, better sounding game. (In fact, I would say that this is by far the best looking and functioning Mojiferous Industries title released thus far.) I've also refined gameplay to make the game quicker and more interesting overall, and shifted the emphasis towards competition for points (both with yourself and players worldwide) and away from a confusing mess of development and construction. I hope you enjoy it!
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