Author Topic: Lobster Petting is a totally useless toy for Mac OS X 10.2 or Later  (Read 1991 times)

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Lobster Petting is a totally useless toy for Mac OS X 10.2 or Later

1. Sound!
3. Graphics!
4. Disco!
5. Universal Binary (is that a feature?)
6. Lobsters
7. Oblique and inane!

Lobster Petting
Released: 10/05/07
Size: ~12MB
Requirements: Mac OSX 10.2+
A working monitor, functioning sound, and pants (please don't pet the lobster pantsless, much less naked.)

Lobster Petting was originally released in 1996 for System 7. After many seemingly pointless ports (for Windows, DOS, Linux, the HP 48G calculator, and aborted attempts to Apple BASIC) development was abandoned. OS X came along and the Lobster Petting development team quietly ignored the need for a Darwin port. However, 2007 will be forever hailed as a glorious year because the Admiral Colossus (née Master Slack) put on his programming slacks and shat out not only a OS X port, but a Universal port.

Facts and Figures
"What the hell is it?" You ask?
Well… It is a picture of a lobster. Using the mouse, you "pet" the lobster by clicking on it. It squeaks. Repeat. Enjoy.

~Lobster Petting 1.5
Now 50% more useless! I've added options to change the background color, a fez, boiling(!), and the ever-popular disco! Version 1.5 also features three new unpopular tunes (written by the ever-so-unpopular Superstar Broccoli Colossus and a few new sound effects (including the much-requested Johnny Dangerously sound clip from the old version!)

Read The Admiral's rant on the art and philosophy of Lobster Petting at the Mojiferforum


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