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MacOSaiX lets you create a mosaic pictures from smaller images Mac OS X systems. Discontinued by Developer - But Still Works!! source code

Product Description:

MacOSaiX lets you create a mosaic representation of an image from hundreds or thousands of individual images. The individual images can be found on local disks, created randomly from fonts, found by keyword through Google's or flickr's image database, pulled from iPhoto or pulled from QuickTime movies. You can also choose rectangles, hexagons or puzzle pieces as the shapes of the tiles in the mosaic. MacOSaiX will automatically determine the best location in the mosaic for each image.

What's new in this version:

# Improved user interface.
# MacOSaiX is now universal and will run on Intel-based Macs.
# Yahoo's flickr photo-sharing service can now be searched for images.
# Mosaics can now be viewed full screen.
# A new kiosk mode is available.
# Added display options for the background of mosaics.
# Brought back and improved the puzzle piece tile shapes.
# The image crop limit can now be disabled.
# Autosaving can now be disabled.
# Mosaics can now be saved as PNG files.
# The resolution can now be set when saving as an JPEG, PNG or TIFF file.
# Mosaics can now be saved as web pages:

    * A pop-up window follows the mouse and shows image detail.
    * Live links to flickr images.

# The size of the Google and flickr disk caches can now be customized.

Product Requirements:

    * Mac OS X 10.2.8 or higher
    * Universal Binary
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