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Tomb of the Brain is a Puzzle Game for Android Devices
« on: April 22, 2010, 11:50:39 PM »
Tomb of the Brain is a Puzzle Game for Android Devices

Tomb of the brain

Challenge your brain in great puzzle game. This is a tomb of the brain! Tomb of the brain aka Temple 3 is a unbelievably addictive brain workout. Feed your logic skills with this game.

After a year and a half of work, finally the Tomb of the brain was finished. Several times have changed graphic design, music and sound effects. I changed the size of the board puzzles have been added and received some elements repeatedly redesigned boards and finally was completed. This game buried my brain. I wanted to do it as best suits me and I hope it will also suit you. Try to play and see if it will get you fit. Why did I do? This game could do it faster but did not want to, I wanted to do it according to my vision (which is changing and so I changed the Tomb of the brain aka Temple 3 too)


- 90 levels

- minimalistic, clear and great graphics

- amazing sound effect

- beautiful animated backgrounds

- wonderfully matched controls, does not interfere with the reception of the game

- 10 pictures to unlock

- stylized artwork

- automatic save game progress

This is not just a game practicing your mental skills and also affect your feelings. Tomb of the brain is classic logic puzzle game with good feelings.

Google Play Store:
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