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TAMS Analyzer is for Linux or Mac OS X. TAMS stands for Text Analysis Markup System

TAMS Analyzer for Macintosh OS X:
The native Open source, Macintosh Qualitative Research Tool
TAMS stands for Text Analysis Markup System. It is a convention for identifying themes in texts (web pages, interviews, field notes). It was designed for use in ethnographic and discourse research.

TAMS Analyzer is a program that works with TAMS to let you assign ethnographic codes to passages of a text just by selecting the relevant text and double clicking the name of the code on a list. It then allows you to extract, analyze, and save coded information. TAMS Analyzer is open source; it is released under GPL v2. The Macintosh version of the program also includes full support for transcription (back space, insert time code, jump to time code, etc.) when working with data on sound files.
These links are for Macintosh OS X. Click on the GNUstep/CLI tams link to download and see screenshots of the Linux version or command line version.

I would really like to know if anyone is finding any of this software useful.

TAMS Analyzer and TAMS are (c) 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 by Matthew Weinstein and distributed under the GPL license.

 Portions of TAMS Analyzer are

 (c) Apple Computer (the code for string find/replace)
 AGRegex is (c) Aram Greenman
 PCRE Library is (c) Philip Hazel

TAMS and TAMS Analyzer are creations of Matthew Weinstein.

Key TAMS Analyzer 3.0 Features:

    * Multi-user support using MySQL as a server
    * Select near with export
    * Improved document management for portability
    * Window zooming
    * Code creation and code set creation done straight on workbench
    * Code set grouping of results
    * Code set creation through marking records
    * Many interface improvements

Key TAMS Analyzer 2.5 Features:

    * Multimedia support
    * XML file formats
    * Hot code sets
    * Ability to set comments for both ranges of text and individual tags
    * Recoding possible even if files are not open
    * Updated the regex engine; improved regex search algorithm
    * Flexible results export

Key TAMS Analyzer 2.0 Features:

    * Project based design
    * International character support (partial)
    * Through tweedling preferences, projects can be set up to be moved to new machines
    * Searches are now possible even if files are not open
    * Updated the regex engine
    * Escape characters now usable in non regex searches
    * Metatags introduced to empty (or not empty) universal code values at EOF
    * Metatags introduced to control how repeat values are calculated for coded sections that cross {!end} boundaries

Key TAMS Analyzer 1.0 Features:

    * Supports multiple coders.
    * Can search information for complex combinations of codes and coders
    * Codes can be nested or overlapped
    * Supports saving and restoring multiple ethnographic projects
    * Practically unlimited numbers of hierarchical codes
    * Easy double click coding
    * Codes can be offset from the text through color
    * Turn frequently used codes or sections of text into one click buttons
    * Search for coded text across documents
    * Export results of searches to database formats
    * Coding frequency and coding co-occurance reports
    * Interactive re-coding from results windows
    * Flexible output: attach additional information to particular passages and to passages within a section of the document


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