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Minesweeper 2 for Mac OS is a refreshingly clean, yet authentic interpretation of the classic game for OS X 10.5 or later

Minesweeper 2.0 has been unleashed!

Main New Features:
- Resizable window (stretches tile size).
- Custom size fields are now an option.
- Improved graphics performance (which was needed for larger custom field sizes).

Secondary Features:
- New more explosive looking icon.
- Reduced the application file size.
- Beginner preset has been changed to 10x10,10.
- User interface improvements.
- Record time history, has been reduced to only one, for simplicity.

- Help is not currently available.
- Time records from pre-2.0 version will not transfer.
- Time records are not saved for games with custom field sizes.
- Custom game screen does not indicate the 30x24 size limitation.
- When playing a large field size and reducing the window size, the bottom-right tile can become covered by the resize dragging corner, though it's not a likely situation.

Update: Minesweeper 2.0 has been unleashed. Download Now!

Minesweeper for Mac OS is a refreshingly clean, yet authentic interpretation of the classic game for OS X. The object of the game is to identify all mine tiles by revealing all non-mine tiles. This is the best minesweeper experience available!

- Preset and custom difficulty settings.
- Resizable window.
- The first reveal of the game will always open an area.
- Double-click or press both buttons to reveal adjacent tiles.
- After a game, right-click anywhere to start a new game.
- Flag mines by right clicking.
- Keep track of your best times in a high score table.
- Chording is possible for advanced players.

Download Minesweeper 2.0 (1MB)
Note: Requires OS X 10.5 or later.

I have long been a fan of the Window game, however after converting to Mac, I was disappointed with the quality of Minesweeper clones available. I searched the web high and low, and though many were available, none reached my high standard of quality. I decided to make my own, and my primary objectives were simple: a slick, non-gimmicky design, and controls that a minesweeper guru would approve of; I believe that I have archived these both. I have been working on this project for almost a year, and now I offer it for your enjoyment.
  - Ross


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