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MjoGraph is an X-Y graph editor that runs on Mac OSX or on other platforms with Java


MjoGraph is an X-Y graph editor that runs on Mac OSX or on other platforms with Java. It is well customized for researchers, especially in the field of science, whose research work includes computer simulations and visualization of their numerical results, and it does free you from every single troublesome operation. I hope you find the program productive. Lastly, since MjoGraph makes use of the following libraries, I would like to appreciate the authors' great work.

    * JFreeChart (as the main framework)
    * JFontChooser (as a font-chooser)
    * jlibeps (for exporting graphs in EPS)
    * PDFRenderer (to handle LaTeX)
    * Quaqua (to make the appearance Mac-like)
    * Mac-Widgets (complementing Quaqua, makes the appearance fully Mac-like)
    * GUI-Commands (for implementing a recently-used-file list)
    * SwingX (for the use of JXTaskPane and drop-shadow feature)
    * jide-oss (for the use of CheckBoxList)
    * colorchooser (as the color chooser for series)

Version 3.6.0 was released (2010/5/11)

Major Features
Drag + Drop = Quick Visualization

Useless is a software that does not enable you to make a quick plot no matter how excellent its other functions are. No bothersome operation. Just drag and drop whatever data you want to plot.

Simple and Intuitive GUI

Too much is as bad as too little. MjoGraph has introduced user-friendly GUI. It is short and sweet: not any more functions than needed. With no complicated operation posed, you can promptly access what you want to do. You will never be at a loss. Also, this program comes with the function of undo.

High Quality Outputs, Export as EPS, PNG formats

Despite of the simplicity, the program enables you to create plots with high quality and tolerance to the use both in papers and presentation materials. An annotation object drawer is integrated so that you can add lines, arcs, and texts on your plots. The program offers means to make everything colorful. Multi-lingual fonts can be embedded (hence, free from font problem) in the EPS format.

As a Simulation Tool

In a simulation stage, no more than a rough sketch may be necessary, that is, the need is rather possibly quick views of the simulation output. In this sense, Mjograph can be a good simulation monitor: it includes the data reloading function that reflects the update of data in real-time. Also, the very flexible zooming function helps you with data analysis.

LaTeX Integrated!

I sure know that the writing of mathematical expressions always bothers you researchers. For those who are not satisfied with the existing ways, the best way is to use MjoGraph!!

About me

I am a currently working toward Ph.D. at Yokohama National University. My research is on physical layer techniques of wireless communications, which includes error-correcting codes, modulation, and equalization.
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