Author Topic: Measuring Cup is a recipe management program for Mac X 10.3.9 or Later  (Read 2530 times)

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Measuring Cup is a recipe management program for Mac X 10.3.9 or Later

What is it?

It's a recipe management program written in Cocoa, specifically for the Mac OS X operation system. I wrote it for myself because I didn't see anything that I liked back in 2002. I finished in 2003 but didn't polish it for release; I wasn't sure if someone else would like it. Some of my friends saw it and started using it as well. They then wanted me to polish it up and release it. So in 2004, I decided to officially release it and call the software "Measuring Cup".

Why should you use it?

I would like to think that it is the easiest to use recipe management software out there in the Mac OS X land. Think iTunes or iPhoto for recipes. Specifically, these are the features:

    * Simple organization of recipes. iTunes/iPhoto kind of organization. Allows user defined categories and sub-categories. Searchable.
    * In-place editing. Some software have a presentation view that is different from a editing view. I find that cumbersome. I like to edit my recipe as easy as when I am viewing it.
    * Undo/Redo support. Good - no, make that great - undo/redo support. I am a careless person and tend to make mistakes and so I absolutely need this support.
    * Simple view of a recipe. Shows the most important detail in the main screen. The rest is tucked away in an Aqua drawer.
    * Sharing of recipes via import/export
    * XML backing store. You probably don't care about this but I thought it would be cool to mention it. All recipes are stored as XML file for easy sharing eventually. 


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