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The Secret Guide to Computers, the Tricky Living Guide, and Secret Tutoring site

These are free selected sections of his published works. There may be other help here, too!

The Secret Guide to Computers
Tricky Living
Secret Tutoring

His is the official Website about The Secret Guide to Computers, Tricky Living, and Secret Tutoring. Those services and tHis Website were written by Russ Walter and his staff.

Fans have invented hundreds of other Websites about us, but their sites are based on outdated info. You're viewing the only Website that's up to date!

You can reach this Website by typing "" (or "", "", "", or ""). (Or clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.  ;D )

Just this Website gives complete help about computers, life, and tutoring. It lets you get:
free help about computers, academic subjects, and life, by phone, immediately
free chapters from new editions of The Secret Guide to Computers and Tricky Living
discounts on buying the complete printed books
lowest rates on top-quality in-person tutoring
best free Websites from other Webmasters

Important news

We've published the 30th edition of "The Secret Guide to Computers" and the 2nd edition of "Tricky Living" by adding these topics: Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007, Firefox, Windows Mail, Yahoo Mail, blogging, photo & video editing, updated advice on buying computer hardware & software, and deeper Tricky Living topics. Those editions are labeled "for 2008" but are also for use in 2009 & 2010.

This Website lets you read some chapters from those editions free, online. It also gives you discounts on complete printed books (especially for quantity orders or earlier editions), so your cost can get as low as 50 cents per book. The fastest, cheapest way to get books is to phone NUMBER HIDDEN (day or night, 24 hours, we're usually in). Other ordering methods are explained below.

Correction: in Tricky Living's second edition, page 34 misspells Barack & Hillary and should have said Hillary went to Yale Law School. Sorry!

If you want us to mail books outside the U.S., we'll use airmail, since the U.S. Postal Service no longer uses surface mail internationally.

We expect that in September 2010 we'll publish future editions of "The Secret Guide to Computers" and "Tricky Living" by adding new info on these hot topics: computer dealers, Windows 7, Office 2010, modern Web browsers, modern programming (in Java, Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Visual C#), nutrition, education, math, Chinese, Bible translations, violence, and the exciting adventures of BurgerWow. If you have suggestions or questions about those topics -- or our hundreds of other topics -- phone us at NUMBER HIDDEN.

How to get FREE phone help

Whenever you want free help about computers, life, or academic subjects, phone Russ Walter at (Go to His site to see the number!) (his New Hampshire home). Phone anytime (day or night, 24 hours): he's usually in and sleeps just lightly.

We don't charge anything (though your phone company might charge you for making a non-local call).

Ask anything! For example, Russ will help you get discounts on hardware and software, use your software's tricky features, repair your computer, reprogram your computer, and develop your career. He also answers questions about personal relationships, homework, math, English, the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), and hundreds of other topics covered in "The Secret Guide to Computers" and "Tricky Living."

Join the fun: call NUMBER HIDDEN now! He's usually in. (If no answer, he's out on a brief errand: try an hour or two later.)

Russ can answer most questions. If he doesn't know the answer to yours, he'll guide you to finding the answer elsewhere. He's a good place to start your hunt for the answer.

We make Russ obey just 3 restrictions:
He can't read his books over the phone (but he can tell you which pages answer your question).
He can't help you do bad things (such as use software that's pirated or inappropriate).
He's limited to an average of 7 minutes per call (but you can call often, and he lets some calls go longer).

If you want a help session that's longer (many hours), you can hire Russ & Donna to be your private tutors, cheaply! Click here for details.

What's "The Secret Guide to Computers"?

"The Secret Guide to Computers" is the world's only complete computer tutorial: it explains how to buy, use, fix, reprogram, and manage your computer.

We've improved the book for many years. We've finally printed the 30th edition.

"The Secret Guide to Computers" has been praised and used by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, PC Magazine, PC World, and hundreds of other publications for being the best computer book ever written. Over a million copies have been sold.

This 30th edition goes far beyond earlier editions: its 575 huge pages include more than 30,000 improvements over the 29th. It includes these 41 chapters, grouped into 8 sections....
Buyer's guide: user's guide, how to shop, chips, disks, I/O devices, packaging, software, complete systems
Operating systems: Windows, DOS commands, Mac OS, Linux, Palm OS
Internet: providers, Web, e-mail
Fixes: maintenance, repairs, viruses
Word processing: Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Word classics, Microsoft Works
Tricky apps: spreadsh., pictures, movies, desktop pub., Web design, databases, accounting, games, human
Programming: QBasic, Visual Basic, JavaScript & JScript, Java, C & C++, exotic languages, assembler
Management: our past, your future, resources

What's "Tricky Living"?

"Tricky Living" covers everything important about life beyond computers. It analyzes health, survival in America, and cultures. You learn tricky procedures to survive the daily grind, then tricky philosophies to help you cope.

Critics especially praise its analyses of nutrition & blood chemistry, lawn care, pros'tution, career attitudes, and how the Chinese think & act diferently than Americans. They love how it covers hundreds of other topics too! It's for mature adults who can handle a book that includes all of life, even "street language." It was developed by Russ Walter and his wife (Guang Chun "Donna" Walter).

This second edition goes far beyond the first edition: its 143 huge pages include more than 10,000 improvements over the first edition. It includes these 67 topics, grouped into 11 sections....
Health: water, fat, protein, fiber, aspirin, thin, micro, toxins, best, news, disgust, sleep, disease, clean, docs
Daily survival: housing, lawns, snow removal, transportation, finances, careers, management, crooks
Government: politics, economic policy, war, law
Intellectual life: professors, philosophers, psychologists, mathematicians, physicists, chemists
Arts: Picasso's advice, music, movies, writing
American cultures: holidays, aging, Vermont, New Hampshire, Boston, NY, South, anthropologists
Foreign cultures: German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese
Morality: ethics, prejudice, evil, Christian fun, Judaism
Sexuality: search for pleasure, men versus women, pros'tutes
Donna's comments: East versus West, new China, American help, tongues, success, money, hubby
Resources: index, coupons

Get FREE treats
Read for free 20 chapters of the 30th "Secret Guide to Computers"
Read for free 20 chapters of the second "Tricky Living"
Read for free 20 chapters of older editions
Test your knowledge of tricky living, free!
Get a free brochure about us by e-mail
Get free consulting on all topics by phoning Russ NUMBER HIDDEN (day or night, 24 hrs., usually in)


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