Author Topic: Learn how to Use MAYA 3D Animation Software! (for Win 2000/XP or Mac OS X)  (Read 3936 times)

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Learn how to Use MAYA 3D Animation Software with Autodesk Maya Personal Learning Edition (for Win 2000/XP or Mac OS X)


Almost every feature found in the full commercial version of Autodesk Maya Complete 7.0.1 including:

    * New character rigging and animation technology including full body inverse kinematics (IK)
    * Advanced Autodesk Maya Trax non-linear animation editor
    * Full dynamics system including soft and rigid body dynamics
    * Complete particle system
    * Maya Paint Effects
    * Maya Artisan brush based interface
    * Toon shading capabilities
    * Adobe® Photoshop® integration and Adobe® Illustrator® connectivity
    * Four renderers: Autodesk Maya software, hardware, vector and the award-winning mental ray® for Maya renderer
    * Polygonal, NURBS and subdivision surface modeling
    * Comprehensive documentation
    * The ability to import and export FBX® files to and from Autodesk® MotionBuilderâ„¢ 7 Personal Learning Edition

* The Autodesk Maya PLE restricts users to non-commercial applications through the display of a watermark on images as well as through the use of a special non-commercial file format. If you are a business, school, academic institution, training center or any similar type establishment you should not use the Software or Materials, or any Personal Use Files in, or as part of, any business activity or educational or training program. 


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