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Nuncabola is a cross platform Java 8 Based skill Game based on Neverball
(Replaces that MECHANICAL Wooden marble-in-a-maze TABLE Game.)

FRESH As of July 2019 - this JAR File plays Nicely with Mac OS X 10.12 "Sierra" - and SHOULD Work on Mac Systems as far as 10.14 "Mojave" - will NOT work on Mac OS X 10.15 "Catalina" (Nothing much DOES: Software Santa won't upgrade to it, himself. A BAD Idea.)

If your Computer is Java 8 Capable AND you have it - this game SHOULD work on your system also.

NOW it IS Better than Neverball!
Software Santa admits this game has beaten him. It requires far more dexterity than he has shown to date. 
  Ah, a worthy opponent for YOU to tilt at ...  clearly a GIANT!

19 different "Spheres" to play as! (Software Santa picked a Snow Globe with a tree - and working train - in it ... & he LOLed :lol: at the other choices available.) In "Options" click the lower right button ...
Make Sure you have Java 8 (at least) and go get it:


As avid readers of (the Neverball) forum may know, the lockstep graphics (bug fix release of Neverball) never worked for me. That's why I was disappointed to see 1.5 released with the "very apparent and quite disturbing" judder left unfixed. This, among other reasons, motivated me to finally start my own, personal version of Neverball. The result is a Java application I've called Nuncabola, and I'm sharing it here with anyone who is interested.

In order to enable productive work, I decided to redesign the entire code structure. Internally, this is a complete rewrite. Externally, Nuncabola is still rather faithful to Neverball in terms of design and features. However, a number of changes have already been made, and more may be introduced as development continues. For details, see the posts below.

System requirements:

    *      Windows, Linux or Mac OS X
    *      Java Runtime Environment 8 or higher


   Version 0.194 (2019-07-30)

You want This One: (binaries and game data, 58.8MB) (source code, 435KB)


    *  Mac OS X:        Unzip the downloaded archive file into a folder of your choice, preferably your GAMES folder, if you have one. Be aware that the Java ARchive (.jar) File creates new files and folders for itself the first time it runs - in the Nuncabola folder that is unarchived. These are settings and replay save files  Right click on the file nuncabola.jar , in the Nuncabola Folder, and select Open.  In the Dialog Box that follows click Open again to start the game. You can drag the file nuncabola.jar to the RIGHT End of the Dock - just to the Left of the Trash Can - for easy access to it. (It appears to refuse to go in with the application icons to the left of 'the line'. In reality: the applications won't let it IN!)

    *      Windows:      Unzip the downloaded archive file into a folder of your choice. On a properly configured system, you should then be able to start the game by double-clicking nuncabola.jar. Also provided is a batch file (nuncabola.bat) that sets a VM option I got good results with (low-pause concurrent garbage collector). Preferably use the batch file.


Replays made with Nuncabola are fully compatible with Neverball 1.5.x and the Nevertable. Likewise, you can use Nuncabola to play back replays produced by Neverball.

Comments and bug reports are welcome.

Nuncabola uses the following libraries:

    * LWJGL, the Lightweight Java Game Library (three-clause BSD license)
    * JInput, used by LWJGL (three-clause BSD license)
    * JOrbis (LGPL)
    * CodeLibF, a small subset of a general-purpose library I use in my projects (LGPL)

Changes between Neverball r2856 and Nuncabola 0.1:


    * Nuncabola uses some simple interpolation between game states to fix the problem of stuttering graphics. As discussed in Glenn Fiedler's article, this is actually a crucial part of a fixed-timestep design. With this code in place, graphics are now again as smooth as those of 1.4.0 (1).
    * It's worth mentioning that there was (and is) a second problem source contributing to the judder in Neverball. On some systems with NVIDIA drivers, calls to SDL_PollEvent may take unreasonably long when the driver setting "threaded optimization" is set to "on" (its default value). The delay is on the order of the screen refresh interval, disrupting the timing of the main loop. I would advise anyone who is affected to turn off threaded optimization.

  Stupid Level 8!!!!
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