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Jaxe is a free cross-platform XML editor adaptable to your XML language!

You're looking for a free XML editor adaptable to your XML language ? Jaxe is the solution. The latest version includes the following features:

    * configurable with an XML schema and a configuration file for the graphical user interface
    * adapted to structured narrative XML documents
    * validation at elements insertion
    * multi-platform (Java 1.5+)
    * free open-source software
    * possible addition of Java modules to add customised graphical interfaces
    * HTML preview with an XSLT stylesheet
    * exports to XML and PDF with XSLT and XSL-FO stylesheets
    * panel with a tree view
    * panel with allowed elements
    * panel with the current element attributes
    * contextual menu
    * multiple undo/redo
    * source code display
    * complete document validation
    * configuration file examples for XML schemas, XHTML strict, Docbook, DITA, XPAGES, and a schema for online presentations
    * French, English, German, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish localisations (the system language is used by default)
    * spell checking with English, French and German dictionaries
    * equation editor
    * online help based on the XML schema
    * XPath search

What Jaxe doesn't do (that is a topic you won't find on commercial websites, but that could save you time!) :

    * Jaxe does not let you edit XML files without a configuration file for the language.
    * Jaxe is not "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get), it is "WYSIWYM" (What You See Is What You Mean). As with all good XML editor, display is an operation independant from data input.
    * Jaxe does not support all the features of XML schemas. To know exactly what Jaxe supports, look at the file config/SimplerSchema.xsd: it's a subset of the schema for schemas including what Jaxe understands.
    * Jaxe is not a Java applet: it cannot be used in a web browser. It is however possible to include the XML edition pane within a Java applet. This solution is used by WebJaxe, a CMS written in PHP and based on XML document edition with Jaxe in a Java applet. Also, Hugo Burm has created a Java Webstart application based on Jaxe 1.9.2, JaxeCocoon, which can answer this need. Mike Allan created another one, which manages files locally as opposed to JaxeCocoon which is used to edit a file on a server.

Required configuration

An OS (Mac, UNIX, Windows or other) with a recent Java version (at least 1.5). To test your OS Java version, you can type "java -version" under the command line.


    * Download Jaxe (there are versions for Mac, Windows, and UNIX/Linux)
    * Extract the Jaxe folder. This usually just requires double-clicking on it on MacOS X, or right-clicking on it and choosing "extract here" on Windows, but it could be necessary to use for instance Stuffit Expander, or the command "tar xvzf jaxe.tar.gz" on UNIX, or 7-Zip on Windows.
    * Move the resulting folder on the hard disk, for instance in /Applications on MacOS X, or Program Files on Windows.
    * In the jaxe folder, type "./" on UNIX, or double-click on the application on MacOS X or Windows.

How to use Jaxe

Jaxe can be used as an administrator, to define a configuration file for a given XML language, or as an end user with the administrator's configuration files. Developers can also add Swing components to display elements, or use Jaxe within other applications.

Packages used by Jaxe

    * Xerces (until Jaxe 2.3, and also starting with Jaxe 3.4)
    * Xalan (until Jaxe 2.3, and also starting with Jaxe 3.0)
    * Jazzy
    * Oro or Regexp (until Jaxe 2.3)
    * PngEncoder (until Jaxe 2.4)
    * JEuclid
    * JSmooth or launch4j
    * FOP (starting with Jaxe 3.0)
    * Jing (starting with Jaxe 3.2)
    * Saxon (starting with Jaxe 3.4)
    * XSLTC (starting with Jaxe 3.4)

New versions

Release notifications no longer exist on sourceforge. It is no longer possible to be informed by email of new versions of Jaxe. Instead, it is possible to use an RSS feed.


Jaxe is progressing with everybody's help. If you have enhanced Jaxe (for instance by localising it for another language, or by creating a plugin to edit certain data types), please don't hesitate to make your files available.


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