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3Delight is $1,000 worth of 3D Renderer for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X: and It IS FREE!

3Delight Overview:

3Delight is a fast, high quality, RenderMan® -compliant renderer designed to produce photorealistic images in demanding production environments. The renderer was started in 1998 and rapidely became a production-ready tool thanks to immediate testing and feedback of a sister production house. It is now widely used and earning a reputation as a benchmark in rendering technology.

Some of its features include ray tracing, global illumination (including photon mapping, final gathering and high dynamic range lighting and rendering), realistic motion blur, depth of field, complete geometry support (including efficient rendering of hair and fur), programmable shaders, quality antialiasing and antialiased shadow maps. Advanced features include Ri filtering, network caching and highly customizable workflow. It is available for Windows, Linux  and Mac OS X.

3Delight Pricing and Licensing:
The first 3Delight license is free of charge. This is a fully functional license that is liable for commercial use! No support is included with the free license but it can be purchased for 250 USD.

For all additional licenses:

    * The cost is 1,000 USD per license.
    * Support is 190 USD per license per year. Support includes free upgrades and e-mail support.
    * A single license will let you run two 3Delight processes on a given machine.
    * All licenses are floating.

That's right Folks! The First License code is FREE but if you need another License code it will cost you the USUAL $1,000

This Program Works Hand in hand with AYAM Modeling Software (Also FREE) to Create a COMPLETE Renderman Compliant 3D animation Production System (You Save THOUSANDS of Dollars!!!!).

Renderman is PIXAR's 3D production System Used in Making the Disney/Pixar Movies Toy Story, Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters INC, Finding Nemo, and CARS!

Given these tools and Enough time your 3D Animation Movies will REALLY Rock ...

3Delight Features

Follows a summary of 3Delight's features. For a more complete description please refer to 3Delight Technical Specification.

    * RenderMan® Compliant
    * RenderMan® Shading Language Support
    * Rendering Features
    * Geometry Support
    * Fast and Efficient Rendering
    * Extensible Display Drivers
    * Multi-platform Support with Specific Code Optimization

RenderMan® Compliant

3Delight's renderdl program can render any RenderMan® Interface Bytestream (RIB) file (binary or text formats) or an application can link with the lib3delight library to produce high quality images directly using the RenderMan® Application Programming Interface (API). Refer to User's Manual section 4. 3Delight and RenderMan® for details.
RenderMan® Shading Language Support

3Delight offers programmable shading and lighting using the standard RenderMan® Shading Language. Surface, displacement, light, volume and imager shaders are fully supported. Matrices, arrays, normals, vectors and all the standard shadeops are supported. Shader interrogation from within other shaders is also supported (message passing) as well as output variables. The language can be extended using DSO shadeops, providing the increased flexibility of C/C++ programming. 3Delight's optimizing compiler can either produce compiled object-code (for better performance) or byte-code (for better portability). In both cases, run-time execution is performed in an SIMD manner for best performance. See User's Manual section 3.2 Using the shader compiler - shaderdl.
Rendering Features

3Delight is an advanced RenderMan®-compliant renderer featuring a wide variety of features such as depth of field, motion blur, surface displacement, level of detail, atmospheric effects, selective ray tracing and global illumination (ambient occlusion and color bleeding). Shadows can be done using standard shadow maps, ray tracing or using high quality antialiased multi-depth shadow maps. Very high quality texturing and image antialiasing is offered with a complete set of selectable filters (including Sinc and Catmull-Rom). Images can be output at up to 96 bits per RGB. Gamma correction and dithering can be applied before quantization for lower bit depth.
Geometry Support

3Delight supports a complete set of RenderMan® geometry: subdivision surfaces, polygons, patches (B-spline, Bezier, Catmull-Rom and others), NURBS (with trim-curves), Curves (for Fur & Hair), quadrics and procedural geometry. Also, user-defined variables, including vertex and facevarying variables, attached to geometry are fully supported.
Fast and Efficient Rendering

3Delight can handle complex scenes, made of millions of primitives. From 3Delight's initial design stage, right up to current developments, rendering speed and efficient memory usage has been a TOP PRIORITY.
Extensible Display Drivers

3Delight can output RGB, RGBA, Z or AZ image (or other combinations) at any resolution. It comes with the following display drivers: framebuffer, TIFF, zfile and multi-depth shadow maps (DSM), Kodak Cineon and Encapsulated Postscript (EPS). Since 3Delight's extensible display drivers use the "standard" RenderMan® display driver interface, third party's display drivers are also supported. New extensions to the display system are also supported, including multiple displays per render and display specific quantize parameters. See User's Manual section 4.1 3Delight specific calls.
Multi-platform Support with Specific Code Optimization

3Delight offers the widest selection of platform support of any RenderMan®-compliant renderer. It is available for Windows (Intel and AMD), Linux (Intel, AMD and PowerPC with AltiVec support), MacOS X and IRIX (MIPS4).

Naw: Software Santa doesn't know what some of those fancy terms mean. But It SURE Sounds like $1,000 worth of FREE Software to HIM!
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