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Embroidermodder allows the user to add custom modifications to their embroidery designs for Windows Systems.

Note: last updated in 2013.

What is it?
Embroidermodder is a free software tool that allows the user to add custom modifications to their embroidery designs.

This program was started by Mark Pontius in 2004, and is an ongoing development that is open to anyone who wishes to contribute. The program (and it's sourcecode) is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) as published by the Free Software Foundation.

Where to get it?
Right here at SourceForge

Download the latest version, either source files or Windows executable.


    * Runs under Windows.
    * Sourcecode (Visual C++) available.
    * Reads/Writes Tajima .DST file format, which is compatible with most every commercial and vendor's software available.
    * Also reads/writes Excel .CSV file format for hand editing using Excel or a text editor.
    * Allows scaling designs to any size (not just +/- 20% like some software).
    * Shows the design on-screen, with unlimited zoom to get up close and personal with any stitch. Zoom to actual size, fit to screen, selection, or just in/out. Scrollbars allow panning around the design.
    * Multiple documents can be open, and each document may have multiple view windows, each at different zooms to allow fine detail editing, while still getting the big picture.
    * Print design at actual size.
    * Displays statistics like max/min/average stitch length, number of colors, etc.
    * Select, move, insert, or delete either stitches, lines, or selection.
    * Double click in select mode to select a region (stitches between Jumps or color changes).
    * Cut/Copy/Paste selection
    * Cursor left/right steps selection point though individual stitches.
    * Add text using any windows font.
    * Toggle display of Jump stitches (as black dash-dot lines).
    * Display updates are very fast using a combination of direct screen draw with efficient clipping and background rendering.
    * Optional Debug mode (compile time option) with additional display and break capability, such as monitoring the background render progress in the status bar.

It doesn't do everything I want (YET!). But it is still useful for the unlimited scaling feature, adding text, as well as the ability to move stitches around or even hand edit every stitch using Excel before converting the file back to .DST to go back into your commercial software.
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