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Coats Embroidery Design Viewer (EDV) is for Windows 98 or Later. Requires free Registration.  :redface: >:D >:(

Welcome to the Coats Embroidery Design Viewer website.

You can find all the information you need to download and operate the software free of charge on this site. We are pleased to announce the launch of the upgraded Coats EDV 1.5 software which has a number of enhancements - anyone downloading the software from this site will receive version.

Coats EDV 1.5 is the companion software for the Wings Systems family of digitising software; customers of Wings Systems can download this version of the software in order to view designs created in Wings' XP [eXPerience] version 1.5 - as well as older versions. Please note that Coats EDV 1.0 software cannot read designs created in Wings' XP 1.5 - you will need to download Coats EDV 1.5 from this site.

For users with the older versions who want to download the 1.5 version - please take the following steps:

    * delete the old version of Coats EDV 1.0 from your hard disk before trying to download the new version

    * the best way to delete software is to go into your menu; press 'start' button - 'settings' then 'control panel' - select the 'add/remove software' programme and select 'Coats EDV - remove' - once it has been deleted you can log onto this site to get the new version

    * 'login' on the download page - give your user name and password [your user name is the e-mail address you used to register]

    * once you have logged in correctly the download of the new 1.5 version will begin immediately and install itself

    * if you have forgotten your password please contact us with the e-mail address you used to initially register - we will send you your password by return

Enhancements to Coats EDV 1.5:

    * compatible with latest Wings' XP 1.5 digitising software

    * improved stitch calculation and branching function

    * more accurate thread consumption calculation

    * enhanced 3-D photo realistic preview

    * improved print function layout and print-outs

    * number of 'undo' steps increased to 25

    * sequins & applique position indicated with a special mark

    * improved colour search functionality

EDV Introduction
The software can read, view and communicate all the major types of machine embroidery files - it has a host of innovative features
- please click here to view them

The software is aimed at anyone who has an interest in the embroidery supply chain and would like to view and exchange embroidery machine digitising files: specifically:

Brand Owners: who need to read, comment on and approve designs that may be produced in different countries across the world

Embroidery Professionals: who need to regularly handle and store embroidery design files who wish to communicate and gain approval for their designs from their customers

Coats EDV 1.5 can be downloaded quickly and simply by anyone wishing to view embroidery design files


Coats EDV is designed to provide industry professionals with a tool for viewing, modifying and exchanging embroidery design files; it is based on entry-level viewing software used in the embroidery industry with the additional of some innovative features and functions.

Coats EDV is simple to use and quick to download and provides the following tools:

    * Database functions: allows you to search your hard disk drive for embroidery file formats; view and read them; make changes & insertions (see below) and save them into <.ngs> format for your record keeping and export them into the major embroidery machine formats. The results can be e-mailed, printed or saved

    * Viewing digitised designs: allows you to view the design; run through it stitch-by-stitch; look at embedded objects and simulate actual embroidery by seeing the design in 3-D against a variety of fabric and coloured backgrounds

    * Make changes or notes: allows you to make notes on the design and anything relevant to the sampling or production; allows you to insert or delete machine functions such as stops and thread trims - to change the design start and finish points and also to group or ungroup objects inside the design

    * Design and review thread colours: the Colour Manager allows you to view and change the colours used by each needle; it also allows you to build your own custom colours and palettes as well as choose from the extensive range of Coats Embroidery Global Colour References in both Coats Alcazar viscose rayon and Coats Sylko trilobal polyester

    * Production and materials management: the Design Information menu provides details of the amount of thread used in each design, allows you to calculate machine time needed for production and - through the Thread Useage Calculator - calculate the exact amount of thread needed to complete your production order

Computer requirements:

The software is downloads in zipfile which compresses 6MB or information into less than 3.5 MB; the software requires very small amounts of memory to run and the <.ngs> file sizes are small (less than 50k bites per average design).

For communication purposes it is advised to be connected to the internet or an e-mail server in order to exchange designs with your customers and their supply chains
Minimum requirements                  Recommended requirements
Pentium Processor 333 MHz            Pentium Processor 500 MHz or above
64 MB Ram                                   128 MB Ram
200 MB hard drive space                200 MB hard drive space
Windows 98 or above                     Windows 98 or above
CD-Rom or Floppy Disk drive          CD-Rom or Floppy Disk drive
Display 800 x 600 pixels 16-bit colour    Display 1024 x 768 pixels True colour
Mouse, trackball or stick                 Mouse, trackball or stick
Warning: neither Coats Plc nor Wings Systems Ltd. can accept liability for any consequential damages caused by the use of this software; in case of doubt please consult an embroidery industry professional to advise you on the correct use of this type of software. Please refer to our legal notices for more details. Both Coats Plc and Wings Systems Ltd would be pleased to offer advice and recommendations through their dedicated service networks.


This Site was Opened on January 1st, 2007

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