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MuseScore is a free cross platform WYSIWYG music notation program


MuseScore is a free cross platform WYSIWYG music notation program, licenced under GNU GPL.
Some highlights: Screenshot

    * WYSIWYG, notes are entered on a "virtual note sheet"
    * Unlimited number of staves
    * Up to four voices per staff
    * Easy and fast note entry with mouse, keyboard or MIDI
    * Integrated sequencer and FluidSynth software synthesizer
    * Import and export of MusicXML and Standard MIDI Files
    * Available for Windows, Mac and Linux
    * Translated in 26 languages
    * GNU GPL licenced


MuseScore is available in English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Galician, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese, Hindi, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian Bokmål, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Ukrainian, Arabic, Polish, Romanian, Greek, Simplified Chinese, Hungarian, Thai, Japanese, Czech.

Automatic note head positioning in chords

Drum notation

Cross staff beams

Stable versions

    * Windows: The latest stable release for Windows is version 0.9.6.
    * Mac OS X: The latest stable release for Mac OS X 10.4 or later is version 0.9.6. It's a universal binary.
    * Ubuntu official: There are ready-to-install packages for Ubuntu in the "universe" repository. The packages provided are often older versions than the current stable version. Please consult your favorite package manager for the "mscore" package, or click here to install directly from your browser.
    * Ubuntu stable backports: The most recent stable release, backported from Debian (as opposed to the supported, and often older, official Ubuntu package), is always available in the mscore-stable repository. Please be aware that this package will not necessarily receive support from the Ubuntu or Debian developers.
    * Debian: The package "mscore" has been available in Debian (and derivatives) since lenny, and can be installed from the main repository using your favorite package manager. Only Sid has an up-to-date package. If you want to run the current stable version of MuseScore, you can download deb files on SourceForge
    * Fedora: Download the correct rpm package for you architecture from SourceForge.
    * PCLinuxOS: The last stable version is available in PCLinuxOS repositories.

Prerelease versions

The prereleases are the very latest development versions of MuseScore. They are intended for testers and advanced users who want to experiment with the newest features or need access to the latest bug fixes and are willing to risk the instability of an unfinished product. Use at your own risk. Please report any bugs you find.

    * Windows: The latest Windows test releases can be found at
    * Mac OS X: The latest Mac OS test releases can be found at
    * Ubuntu: The latest Ubuntu prereleases can be obtained from the mscore-ubuntu PPA. Please browse to for more information.


    * Download the source files for the stable release of MuseScore
    * How to build MuseScore using Ubuntu Linux

Subversion sourcecode repository

The latest MuseScore code is always available in the SourceForge SVN repository. For help please look at the SourceForge project page.

    * Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7
    * 125MB hard disk space required for software download and installation
    * 1024 by 768 pixels or higher screen resolution


    * Qt gui lib version 4.5 or newer MuseScore probably does not compile with older versions.
      Precompiled packages are often split into "runtime package" and "development package". You need to install both packages.
    * A recent X11 with freetype2 support and render extension (which gives antialiased screen fonts)
    * ALSA Version 1.0 or newer; this is only used for midi keyboard entry
    * CMake 2.4

The MuseScore development platform is Kubuntu.


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