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Theora Converter .NET is an ffmpeg2theora GUI that batch converts almost any video files.

Theora Converter .NET

Theora Converter .NET is a Windows desktop ffmpeg2theora GUI for batch converting almost any video files to OGG / OGV Theora video format.   It supports two pass encoding using Thusnelda (Theora 1.1).  Requires the .NET framework 2.0.  Has the option to shut down your computer after processing files.  Processes multiple files at once to minimize processing time.  Drag and drop files into the GUI to que them up.  For fastest processing, store the source videos on one physical hard drive and set the output directory on a different physical hard drive.   Uses the latest version of ffmpeg2theora: 0.27.

See the Ffmpeg readme for the full list of supported input video formats.

Suggestions and Bug reports can be submitted through the source forge project tracker or the forum.

This open source software can be downloaded for free on the SourceForge project page:
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