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Fennec player is an open source universal media player for Windows.

Introduction to Fennec Media Project

Welcome to Fennec player! Fennec player is a universal media player which mainly focuses on high definition audio/video playback and transcoding, it can play and convert into almost every audio/video file format available (see the list below). It supports converting/ripping/joining and playback, including features like headphone preview, easy tag editing, file name formatting, channel separated equalizations, DSP effects, volume/gain control and equalization for conversion and so. It's designed to be fast, compatible and easy to use - with 64bit floating point internal precision for audio. Fennec player is released under GNU General Public License, so you can read/modify source codes and contribute your support to the project freely (for more information, see help documentation).

Main Features Available

    * Can convert any file from the 'Decoding' list to 'Encoding'.
    * Audio CD ripping (to any format in the 'Encoding' list, with easy tagging).
    * Joining multiple media into a single (to any format in the 'Encoding' list).
    * Highly dynamic plug-ins interface, so you can add/remove plug-ins and edit their settings manually.
    * Visualizations, add/remove or make your plug-in.
    * Multichannel support (up to 16 channels) for both playback and transcoding.
    * A customizable 10 band equalizer for each channel.
    * High definition audio processing and output (64bit floating point audio processing, 8bit fixed point-32bit floating/fixed point to 64bit floating/fixed output).
    * Tag viewing and editing.
    * Formatting file name according to tags.
    * Group tag editing (copying and pasting selected tags into many files).
    * Equalizers on conversion/ripping and joining.
    * Volume and gain adjustments on conversion/ripping and joining.
    * Group tagging on conversion (could apply some constant tags into every file converted, artist name etc.).
    * Date and time editing on conversion/ripping and joining.
    * Editable DSP effects: you can add many effects simultaneously into the playing media and change the order of effects (you can add a bass boost and a reverb at the same time, boost bass before/after reverb etc.).
    * Skins (Fennec player doesn't have a user interface itself, it depends on plug-ins you can select to display the user interface).
    * Color schemes and manual tints for skins.
    * Automatic volume fade up/down.
    * Can decode multiple files at the same time (you can keep something playing while doing conversion, a new example for this is 'preview' system).
    * File association selection with many options (Fennec player comes with an icon library which has an icon for almost every file format).
    * High quality icons for file association settings (256x256 pixel 32bit).
    * Multilingual user interface (completely UNICODE user interface so everyone can create a simple text file called a language pack to modify user interface language).
    * Highly editable global and local shortcut keys interface.
    * Fast and customizable media library.
    * Windows shell integration (Fennec player places a context menu item group with open/add options).
    * Audio file preview (you can listen to a media file using headphones without interrupting the file which is being played; in order to experience this feature, you need to have two sound cards or multi-streaming enabled sound card).
    * Video zoom-in, zoom-out, vertical/horizontal scaling.
    * Dual subtitle display - you'll be able to select primary and secondary subtitles for video files, preferably in two languages.
    * Window lock feature to keep docked windows permanently attached to the main window.
    * Displays media information on Windows Live Messenger.
    * Supports reading over 50 subtitle formats and over 10 playlist formats (with Unicode support).

Underlined - New features added to the alpha version.

File formats supported:
Video Format Name    Extension(s)    Decoding (Playback)    Encoding
MPEG Video    mpg, mpeg    Yes    Audio
Audio Video Interleave    avi    Yes    Audio
MPEG2 PS Format    vob    Yes    Audio
Flash Video    flv    Yes    Audio
3gp Video    3gp    Yes    Audio
QuickTime Video    mov, qt    Yes    Audio
Windows Media Video    asf, wmv    Yes    Audio
DivX Video    divx    Yes    Audio
Matroska Multimedia File    mkv    Yes    Audio
MPEG-4 Format    mp4    Yes    Audio
Ogg Media Format    ogm    Yes    Audio
Real Media Format    rm, rmvb    Yes    Audio
Shockwave Flash    swf    Yes    Audio
...    ...    ...    ...
Audio Format Name    Extension(s)    Decoding (Playback)    Encoding
MPEG audio files    mp1, mp2, mp3    Yes    Yes (MP3)
Redbook audio (Audio CD's)    cda    Yes    -
Ogg Audio File (Vorbis only)    ogg    Yes    Yes
Monkey's Audio File    ape    Yes    Yes
Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)    flac    Yes    Yes
Wavpack Codec    wv    Yes    Yes
Windows Media    wma    Yes    No
MPEG 4 Audio Files    mp4, m2a, m4a    Yes    Yes
Advanced Audio Codec    aac    Yes    Yes
AC-3 Decoder    ac3    Yes    No
Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec File    amr    Yes    Yes
Musepack Files    mpc    Yes    No
Raw Audio File    raw    Yes    Yes
Apple/SGI AIFF format    aif, aiff    Yes    Yes
Microsoft WAV format    wav, wave    Yes    Yes
Sun/NeXT AU format    au    Yes    Yes
Core Audio File format    caf    Yes    Yes
Sun/NeXT SND format    snd    Yes    Yes
Amiga IFF/SVX8/SV16 format    svx    Yes    Yes
Ensoniq PARIS file format    paf, fap    Yes    Yes
RAW PCM data    gsm    Yes    Yes
Sphere NIST format    nist    Yes    Yes
Berkeley/IRCAM/CARL    ircam, sf    Yes    Yes
VOC files    voc    Yes    Yes
Sonic Foundry's 64 bit RIFF/WAV    w64    Yes    Yes
Matlab (tm) V4.2/GNU Octave 2.0    mat4    Yes    Yes
Matlab (tm) V5.0/GNU Octave 2.1    mat5    Yes    Yes
Matlab (tm) V4.2/GNU Octave 2.0    mat    Yes    Yes
Fasttracker 2 Extended Instrument    xi    Yes    Yes
Portable Voice Format    pvf    Yes    Yes
Midi Sample Dump Standard    sds    Yes    Yes
Sound Designer 2    sd2    Yes    Yes
RAW PCM data    vox    Yes    Yes
ProTracker Modules    mod, nst, mdz, mdr, m15    Yes    -
ScreamTracker Modules    s3m, stm, s3z    Yes    -
FastTracker Modules    xm, xmz    Yes    -
Impulse Tracker Modules    it, itz    Yes    -
General Modules    mtm, 669, ult, wow, far, mdl, okt, dmf, ptm, med, ams, dbm, dsm, umx, amf, psm, mt2    Yes    -
Midi Files    mid, midi, rmi, smf    Yes    -
...    ...    ...    ...
Playlist Format Name    Extension(s)    Reading    Writing
Common Playlist Files    txt, m3u, pls, m3u8    Yes    -
Windows Media Formats    asx, wvx, wax, wpl    Yes    -
Other Formats    ram, b4s, magma, smil, rdf, xspf    Yes    -
Subtitle Format Name    Extension(s)    Reading    Writing
SubRip    srt    Yes   
Advanced SubStation Alpha    ass    Yes   
AQTitle    aqt    Yes   
Scantitle    890    Yes   
Spruce    stl    Yes   
DKS    dks    Yes   
Cheetah    asc    Yes   
Karaoke Lyrics LRC    lrc    Yes   
Karaoke Lyrics VKT    vkt    Yes   
MPlayer1    mpl1    Yes   
MPlayer2    mpl2    Yes   
JACOSub    js    Yes   
ZeroG    zeg    Yes   
Pinnacle Impression    txt    Yes   
Turbo Titler    tts    Yes   
ViPlay    vsf    Yes   
MAC DVD Studio Pro    txt    Yes   
DVD Subtitle System    txt    Yes   
DVD Junior    txt    Yes   
Stream SubText Script    ssts    Yes   
SubStation Alpha    ssa    Yes   
Spruce DVDMaestro    son    Yes   
MicroDVD    sub    Yes   
Sonic Scenarist    sst    Yes   
Power DivX    psb    Yes   
Phoenix Japanimation Society    pjs    Yes   
OVR Script    ovr    Yes   
SubCreator    txt    Yes   
Wincaps Text Timecoded    txt    Yes   
ULead DVD Workshop    txt    Yes   
PowerPixel    txt    Yes   
FAB    txt    Yes   
Cavena    txt    Yes   
Captions inc.    txt, cin    Yes   
SubViewer 2    sub    Yes   
Sofni    sub    Yes   
Advanced Subtitles    xas    Yes   
CPC-600    txt    Yes   
RealTime    rt    Yes   
Sasami Script    s2k    Yes   
Softitler RTF    rtf    Yes   
SBT    sbt    Yes   
QuickTime Text    txt    Yes   
Panimator    pan    Yes   
MacSUB    scr    Yes   
SubViewer    sub    Yes   
DVD Architect Subtitle Script    sub    Yes   
Sonic DVD Creator    sub    Yes   
DVD Subtitle    sub    Yes   
SubSonic    sub    Yes   
Captions 32    txt    Yes   
I-Author Script    txt    Yes   
Philips SVCD Designer    sub    Yes   
Inscriber CG    txt    Yes   

    *        - New features added to the alpha version.
    * "-" - Not applicable (for example: converting from Wave to MIDI)
    * Raw audio files - Raw data (audio samples without headers etc.), you need to select sampling rate/channel count... before playing a file.
    * Converting from module files (.mid, rmi...) to audio is possible but the reverse is not possible; consequently, the encoding column of module files are set to "-".
    * Supports converting video to audio. but the reverse or video to video is impossible (still in development).

Extension list: mpg, mpeg, avi, vob, flv, 3gp, mov, qt, asf, wmv, divx, mkv, mp4, ogm, rm, rmvb, swf, mp4, m2a, m4a, aac, amr, flac, ape, mpc, raw, aif, aiff, wav, wave, au, caf, snd, svx, paf, fap, gsm, nist, ircam, sf, voc, w64, mat4, mat5, mat, xi, pvf, sds, sd2, vox, spx, ogg, wv, ac3, mod, nst, mdz, mdr, m15, s3m, stm, s3z, xm, xmz, it, itz, mtm, 669, ult, wow, far, mdl, okt, dmf, ptm, med, ams, dbm, dsm, umx, amf, psm, mt2, mid, midi, rmi, smf, mp1, mp2, mp3, cda, wma.
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