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OurMovies is a cross platform tool to manage all your movie files stored on hard disk.


OurMovies single purpose is managing your movies -easy, isn't it, huh?!
It does so by providing a simple table where a single row represents your movie. Because a movie can consist of multiple files, omov assumes your movies are all stored in their own folders. So it just let's you manage them; no playing at all, that's out of scope.
If you have a current QuickTime installed, you even can watch movies right from the application (proper codec required).

    * Automatically fetches metadata from the web
    * Manages covers (can be also fetched from web)
    * Export as HTML report or make a full backup
    * SmartCopy which allows automatic copying of certain movies (uses HTML report's generated output)
    * SmartFolder which gives you the possibility of easily storing a bunch of search criteria
    * Scans a given directory for (recently added) movies and imports them

Data versions

OurMovies uses different data sources which all have different versions and are all incompatible to each other. There are three different sources existing:

    * Core Movie Source: Storage for movies attributes. (using an embedded object-oriented database)
    * Core SmartFolder Source: Storage for smartfolder criteria/attributes. (also using an embedded object-oriented database)
    * Preferences Source: Data visible in the preferences window and some convenient values storing recent folder paths; e.g. for recent scan root, export path, etc. (Stored through Java's own preferences API)

If one of the core sources versions does not match (by comparing the data source with the expected application version) an error dialog will be displayed and OurMovies quit immediately. If the preferences source is incompatible an appropriate converter will try to convert the stored data into the new version by using some default values.


    * Getting an "The File MSVCR71.dll could not be found" error on Windows XP?
      This library is necessary because of the java-exe wrapper JSmooth.
      Please download the MSCVR71.dll file and put it in the same directory as the OurMovies.exe is.

    * Getting VersionMismatch errors at startup?
      This can happen if one or more data sources are incompatible with each other.
      In case the core sources mismatched, you can either 1) choose a converter -if available- to upgrade these sources 2) get an older application version; see compatibility table below 3) or simply reset the old sources.
      In case the preference source mismatched, a converter will automatically update this source and display an info box.

Beta Downloads available for:

    * Microsoft Windows: OurMovies-0.5.msi (8 MB)
    * Apple Mac OS X: OurMovies-0.5.dmg (14 MB)
    * Other operating systems: OurMovies-0.5.jar (8 MB)


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