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ClipMenu can manage clipboard history for Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

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A clipboard manager for Mac OS X

Clipboard History

ClipMenu can manage clipboard history. You can record 8 clipboard types, from plain text to image.

To paste a recorded item, you just pop up menu by invoking the shortcut key, and select a menu item from the menu.

You can also register texts you frequently use, like e-mail addresses, user IDs and so on, as snippets. You can paste these snippets from the menu, too.

Clipboard history
Unlimited clipboard history items

You can adjust the number of clipboard history items freely, if you have sufficient memory in your Mac. The default value is 20.
Multiple clipboard types

ClipMenu can record clipboard history in the following clipboard types:

    * Plain text
    * Rich Text Format (RTF)
    * Rich Text Format Directory (RTFD)
    * PDF
    * Filenames
    * URL
    * TIFF image
    * PICT image

Show images in the menu

If you record image types to clipboard history, ClipMenu can show pieces of the images in the menu. The image's width and height is adjustable.


ClipMenu can manage re-usable text as snippet. You can select it from menu and paste it anytime.

Access with mouse

When you start ClipMenu, you can see the application icon in the Status bar. You can pull down a menu and select to paste clipboard history items or snippets.

Shortcut keys to pop up menus

You can also pop up menus to select clipboard history and text snippets by pressing particular key combinations. It's very useful for users those who uses larger displays.


When your mouse hovers over a menu item for a second, ClipMenu pops up a tooltip to show full length of text in the clipboard history item. You can see it before pasting it

ClipMenu is a freeware application. You can use it freely.

Development version is also available.

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later.

64-bit support in Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later.

ClipMenu is a Universal binary so it will run on Intel and PowerPC Macs.

Updates by Sparkle


ClipMenu is freeware. However, if you find it really useful, you can show your support by clicking the PayPal button bellow to donate.

Thanks for your support!

About ClipMenu
ClipMenu is a multiple clipboard history manager. It can record 8 different types of clipboard types, plain text, rich text, image and so on.

Additionally, You can store some text snippets to easily reuse common phrases, Email addresses and so on.

   • Unlimited number of clipboard history.
   • User definable hot keys.
   • Showing icons indicate for clipboard type inside menu.
   • Showing image in menu.
   • Showing text content as tooltip.
   • An option to show/hide application icon in the status bar.
   • Text processing with JavaScript to clipboard history item.
   • Text snippets.

System Requirements
   • Mac OS X v10.5 or later.
   • Mac OS X v10.6 or later for 64-bit support.
   • ClipMenu is a Universal binary so it will run on Intel and PowerPC Macs.

Place ClipMenu in the Applications folder.

Move ClipMenu to Trash.

If you want to delete all of data ClipMenu made, move following files to Trash, too.

   • /Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/com.naotaka.ClipMenu.plist
   • /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/ClipMenu

Double-click on the ClipMenu icon to launch it. If it is successfully launched, you could see the application icon on status bar.

How to show ClipMenu
There are two ways to access ClipMenu items.

   1.   Access from the status bar.

   2.   Access from the pop up menu by using hot key (keyboard shortcut). The menu will appear near the mouse pointer. The default hot key combination is Command-Shift-V.

Use the appropriate method for your choice.

Paste history item
Select an clipboard history item you want to paste from the menu.

You can navigate through the menu not by mouse but by keyboard. Pressing up/down key move selection vertically, left/right key show or hide sub menu items inside of lower level folder.

If you show the menu and press a number key, the selection would jump to the position of a menu item starts with the number.

When you select an item, ClipMenu copy the data to clipboard

After your selection, ClipMenu:
   1.   copy the data to the system clipboard.
   2.   paste it.
   3.   move the item to the top position in the menu.

You can alter various ClipMenu settings at Preferences panel.

It is convenient if you store reusable texts as snippets. You can register snippets at Preferences panel.

Registered snippets are shown below (or above if you want) clipboard history items.

If you want to display snippets only, use "snippet menu". It is called via hot key, the default is Command-Shift-B. You can also change this shortcut as you wish.

You can apply various Actions to history items. Action menu is popped up by right mouse button click, Control-click or Control-Enter key combination.

There are two types of Actions.

   1.   Built-in Actions
They are not allowed to edit by user.
e.g.) "Paste as PlainText" or "Remove". 

   2.   JavaScript Actions
They are allowed to add and edit by user. They are written by JavaScript, well known scripting language. You can freely modify text in history items by them.

e.g.) "Capitalize", "lowercase", "UPPERCASE" or "Title Case".

For more details about actions, please check help pages.

   ▪   Built-in Action
   ▪   JavaScript Action

"How to write JavaScript Actions" is now written in Japanese only. It would be translated into English in a future release. Sorry for the inconvenience.


This program is a freeware. You can use it freely.
You can also redistribute it freely without any modifications to the archive.
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