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The ASPCA has Animal Care Information and the Animal Poison Control Center

Free Pet Safety Pack!

In the event of an emergency our pet rescue window decal alerts rescue personnel that pets are inside your home. The pack also includes an ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center magnet—a great way to keep the APCC's toll-free emergency number handy at all times!

This site has LOTS of Good Animal related information!

Animal Care Tips for most common pet species.

Animal Poison Control Center is your best resource for any animal poison-related emergency.

Note: Emergency calls to their Vet are NOT Free! But this is a GREAT Preventative measures site!

Pet Care

Get the most up-to-date pet care information from ASPCA experts in behavior, nutrition, poison control, veterinary medicine and the human-animal bond. Our tips, moderated discussions and Q&A columns are just what the doctor ordered.
dog and woman outside

Summertime Pet Care Tips
The sun is shining and temps are climbing, but summer isn’t always carefree for our furry friends. Before you embark on summertime adventures or outdoor activities, take stock of hot weather hazards—and keep your pet cool with our expert tips. Read More »

Pamper those Paws
Top 10 ways to keep your pup’s feet looking fine. Read More »

Nutrition Tips for Older Cats
Healthy eating advice for your aging feline friend. Read More »

Disaster Readiness for Pets
Prepare for the unexpected; don’t let an emergency catch you off-guard!
Read More »

Pet Care Articles

Pet health, behavior, training, poison control, nutrition and more!

Dog Care
Cat Care
Horse Care
Small Pet Care

Ask the Experts

Animal Poison Control Center: Okay or No Way?
Find out what’s healthy and what’s not.

Ask the Pet Nutrition Service
Free advice on the best diet for your pet.

Ask Dr. LaFarge: The Human-Animal Bond
Get help strengthening your relationship.

Ask Dr. LaFarge: Pet Loss
Let an expert guide you through the grief process.

Horse Behavior
Equines explained, from cribbing to kicking.

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Animal Poison Control Center
Ask the Experts
Virtual Pet Behaviorist
Pet Care Tips
Pet Care Videos
Dog Care
Cat Care
Horse Care
Small Pet Care
Kids and Pets
Free and Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Database
Disaster Preparedness
Pet Loss
Pet Food Recall Overview
Pet Care Costs
Pet Ownership Stats
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