Author Topic: FXFoto is a basic photo editor for Windows 98 or Later.  (Read 1915 times)

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FXFoto is a basic photo editor for Windows 98 or Later.
« on: July 13, 2010, 10:40:53 PM »
FXFoto is a basic photo editor for Windows 98 or Later.

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is a free trial version of FxFoto.  But unlike limited-time trials, the Standard Edition is good forever.  It's really free!

FxFoto Standard provides organization and editing, including cropping, text annotation, auto improve, red eye and blemish removal and a powerful clone brush.  It can save edited JPEG and TIFF photo files.  But it cannot save FxFoto's own collage format for multi-photo layouts and slide shows.

The Standard Edition cannot create multi-photo collages, layouts, scrapbook pages and slide shows.  And advanced creativity features such as FxFoto's artistic Filter Effects, Color Brush, Stamp Brush and special Crop Patterns are also not enabled.  However, the Standard Edition has trial versions of most of these advanced commands which let you view the results on screen without saving.  So in addition to being a surprisingly useful photo organization and editing tool, FxFoto Standard lets you try many advanced Deluxe and Creative features.

Working Features:

Organize your computer's photos    
  Import from digital cameras    
  Improve and balance photos automatically or manually    
  Red Eye, Blemish, Flood Color and Clone Brush tools     
  Crop photos with rectangles, ovals or drawn rope    
  Add hundreds of Framing effects    
  Add Text and Text effects including dialog balloons    
  Draw lines and colors over or around photos    
  Print and e-mail photos and annotated photos
  Upload photos for online printing and sharing     
  Save edited JPEG / TIFF / PNG / BMP image files


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