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The Kingdom of Loathing is a free, turn based, online comical RPG

Comic-Con Special! Bring your sense of Humor!

The Kingdom of Loathing
An Adventurer is You!
What is The Kingdom of Loathing?

The Kingdom of Loathing (or KoL, as it has come to be known by its player base) is a free, comical RPG (Roll Playing Game), brought to you by the folks at Asymmetric Publications.

KoL is currently in open beta -- it's open to the public to play, but it's not quite finished. More features and things to do are being added on a nearly daily basis. Despite its unfinished state, it has already attracted a thriving community of interesting, intelligent, and helpful players.

KoL is, and always will be, free to play, but donations are appreciated and rewarded.

KoL is played from the comfort of your browser, and is adorned with a staggering array of stunning hand-drawn images. It is turn-based, which means you get a certain number of turns (Adventures) each day. What can you do with these turns? I'm glad you asked.

An Adventurer is You!

Choose from one of six intoxicating character classes, including:

   The Seal Clubber
Seal Clubbers hail from the frigid Northlands, because one character class always hails from the frigid Northlands. They rely on their Muscle to survive.

   The Accordion Thief
The scourge of mariachis and polka bands, the Accordion Thieves have plied their malign craft since time out of mind. Their Moxie serves them well in both their adventures and their interactions with "the ladies."

Places to go, People to see

The Kingdom is broad and deep.



The Kingdom contains scores of terrifying monsters. Among them are:

   The ferocious Sabre-Toothed Lime!
   The menacing Booze Giant!
   And hordes of fierce Ninja Snowmen!

Fat Loot!

Hundreds of usable and equippable items fill the dungeons and wildernesses of the Kingdom, including:

Meatloaf Helmet

This is a helmet made out of meatloaf. You feel like a Bat out of Hell when you wear it. You would do anything for this helmet (but you won't do that.)

Filthy Corduroys

This is a pair of filthy corduroys. They're filthy because they came from the wardrobe of a filthy, filthy hippy.

Gnollish Autoplunger

This is a Gnollish Autoplunger. It can be used to quickly unclog toilets, or to lay a foul-smelling smack down on someone or something.

eXtreme Mittens

This is a pair of eXtreme mittens. They'll keep your hands eXtremely warm, without interfering with that which separates you from the animals -- your lack of razor-sharp claws.

Step Inside!

So, if any of this appeals to you, why not create a character and come join the game? We guarantee you'll be glad you did.

Copyright © 2008, Asymmetric Publications, LLC

Please support this Fun Game!
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