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a52decX is an old unsupported application that converts an AC-3 file into an AIFF file.

Santa had been using this for a long time but, Alas, it no longer works since he switched to Intel and Panther (Mac OS X 10.5). Not surprising because it was last updated on July 3rd 2003! Older computers PPC Puma/Jaguar/Panther/Tiger? may still use this.


This is the software which converts an AC-3 file being used for the sound of DVD-Video into an AIFF file. I ported a52dec by Mr. Michel Lespinasse and Mr. Aaron Holtzman to Mac OS X, and added AIFF output function. mp3 output became possible by building in LAME.

The length of the AIFF file output from mAC3dec may be short, or noise may mix with it. Try to use this a52decX in such a case.
How to use

    * Choose the track number by the Track menu when you convert the VOB file which has more than one track.
    * Choose the method of mixed down from the Output menu. When Individual is chosen, it is converted into the monaural file that each channel is independent. WAV output can be chosen here, too. ON/OFF of the level adjustment in downmix can be set up by the Ajust Level check box.
    * The gain can be adjusted by the Gain slider. The left end is 0dB, and the right end is 18dB. Be careful because sound fractures when it is enlarged too much.
    * When Normalize is checked, the peak value of the wave form is detected and normalized. It becomes half swing(15bit width) with -6dB of the left end, and full swing(16bit width) with 0dB of the right end.
    * Push the mp3 button and check the mp3 check box when you want mp3 output. And choose a bit rate and CBR & VBR. (It is the high quality of sound as much as the number of q of VBR is small.) Choose resample and mode if it is necessary.

    * Check Specify Destination when you specify the folder of the output file. When it isn't checked, it is output in the same folder as the source file.
    * Open a VOB file, an AC-3 file or a folder in either following method. When mp3 is being checked, an AIFF file, a WAV file can be chosen, too.
          o Choose "Open..." from the File menu.
          o Drag and drop to the application icon.
          o Drag and drop to the the log text in the window.
    * The file that the extension of the file name became .aiff or .mp3 is output. The number of track is shown with _T00..._T07, and the channel name is shown with _LFE, _Lf, _C, _Rf, _Ls and _Rs.
    * It converts with playing for each 3 seconds when Playback is checked. It works only when Stereo or Dolby is chosen from the Output menu.
    * Push Command-period, or choose Cancel from the File menu when you want to stop a convert halfway.


Mac OS X 10.1 or higher

    * This software can not decrypt a VOB file.
    * Sound may break with present QuickTime with mp3 of VBR. Choose CBR. iTunes and iPod seem to be all right.
    * In case of a LPCM sound, it works only in the sound of the 16bit stereo. And, don't choose Individual from the Output menu.
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