Author Topic: QDataMatrix is for printing a series of 2D barcode labels (DataMatrix standard)  (Read 2308 times)

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QDataMatrix is for easily printing a series of 2D barcode labels (DataMatrix standard). Linux and Windows systems

QDataMatrix - print 2D barcode labels

About QDataMatrix
QDataMatrix is a graphical user interface for easily printing a series of 2D barcode labels (DataMatrix standard). Lots of options allow full customization of label layout. Furthermore you can export the output as PDF or PNG.

QDataMatrix originally has been developed by EDC Electronic Design Chemnitz GmbH and now is publicly available under the terms of the General Public License 2 (GPLv2).

You can obtain the latest source code from Git repository as described here.

Source tarballs and binary packages for Windows can be downloaded.

Technical details

    * Supports DataMatrix standard
    * All parameters can be saved/opened to/from settings files allowing to manage profiles easily
    * Full support for pringing
    * PDF and PNG export
    * DataMatrix render backend based on libdmtx
    * Supports both Linux and Windows
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