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meta-iPod is the iTunes Cleaner application and it can clean up an iTunes library on Windows Systems

meta-iPod, the iTunes Cleaner can clean up an iTunes library with as many features as a Swiss Army Knife. From recovering ratings and play counts from your iPod to tracking down files or folders gone missing, meta-iPod analyses all data sources containing your music to put the pieces of the puzzle back together.

Version 1.8
Requires iTunes 9 or later

Computer Requirements:

    * Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP
    * iTunes 9 or later
    * A USB Connector for the iPod device

   iPod Compatibility:
Works with all, iPods, iPhones and iPads including:

    * iPad (all generations)
    * iPhone (all generations)
    * iPod Classic (all generations)
    * iPod Touch (all generations)
    * iPod Shuffle (all generations)
    * iPod Nano (all generations)

File Metadata & iTunes Database Label Comparison

By comparing these two labels to each other, meta-iPod can tells you if your tracks are mismatched which could indicate that your track has the wrong label. After finding mismatched tracks, meta-iPod lets you fix them quickly by selecting the appropriate labels.

Scan folder sources & find tracks not in iTunes

The Lost Tracks feature lets you find out what's really in your My Music folder. Do you have two copies of your music library on your computer with one just taking up space? This feature scans the folders on your computer and finds files that aren't already in iTunes.
Automatically Assign Ratings

By analysing the play counts and skips counts of a track, meta-iPod can help you quickly assign ratings to all tracks in your library.

iTunes No-Location Track Finder

Automatically find tracks with no location (!) in iTunes. Next, meta-iPod will search iTunes to see if that track has a duplicate already on your computer. If no duplicate is found, then it will rapidly check other analysed data sources to see if it can find the tracks location automatically.

iPod Play Count & Rating Recovery

Did you transfer music from your iPod to your computer and you lost your ratings and labels? Or did you rate a track on your iPod and can't get that rating into iTunes? The Better Metadata feature chooses which play count or ratings are most up to date and applies that to iTunes.
Album Art Download & iPod Transfer

Got album art? This feature automatically finds the tracks from iTunes with no album art, then lets you automatically search an iPod for matching artwork or download artwork from the internet.
Automatic Duplicate Track Removal

Have your ever tried to remove your duplicate tracks from iTunes, but found it tedious to go through the list removing 1 duplicate track at a time? The duplicate track analysis feature will automatically guess which track to delete so you can clean your duplicates in one fell swoop.


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