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OpenEMM is for e-mail marketing, newsletters and service mails on Linux or Windows servers.

If you don't have a business domain with a server already running on it this isn't going to be much use to you.

What is OpenEMM?

OpenEMM is a feature-rich enterprise software for e-mail marketing, newsletters and service mails (transaction mails and event or time triggered mails). OpenEMM offers sophisticated bounce management, link tracking, lots of realtime statistics, a CMS module and a scripting feature to implement individual tasks.
OpenEMM is the first open source application for e-mail marketing. Its code base has been developed since 1999 and is used (as part of the commercial ASP product E-Marketing Manager) by companies like IBM, Siemens, Click&Buy and Deutsche Telekom.
OpenEMM offers already more than 95% of the functionality of most commercial products and some features commercial products do not offer right now (i.e. MySQL support and CMS functionality).
The main difference is, that OpenEMM is an easy to set up single server solution, while its big brother E-Marketing Manager operates on several distributed servers as software on demand (SaaS).
To provide you with free service & support several selfservice categories are operated on this website such as a FAQ database and support forums. The available content is continuously enhanced by feedback from the OpenEMM user community!


Do you want to test OpenEMM without installing it first? For that reason, we provide a server with a demo account of OpenEMM 5.5.1 which is open to the public.

OpenEMM Technology
OpenEMM offers a web-based user interface which works with both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. OpenEMM is mainly written in Java (Frontend) and Python (Backend) and employs leading edge Java frameworks like Hibernate, Spring and Struts. Some performance-sensitive code is written in C.
OpenEMM runs on top of a well proven open source software stack:
Operating system: Linux (or Windows, although no open source)
Web container: Resin (included in OpenEMM package)
Relational database management system: MySQL
OpenEMM is quite easy to install and extensively documented. If you are interested in commercial services like setup support, a service contract, hosting and administration or development, please have a look at the list of commercial services for OpenEMM, offered by the initial developer of OpenEMM.

How does OpenEMM fit into the software landscape?

OpenEMM is positioned at the intersection of CRM, CMS and BI, because companies
use e-mail marketing to manage their customer relations (CRM)
use e-mail marketing to distribute content from various sources (CMS)
use e-mail marketing to collect data about recipients and to analyze them (BI)
OpenEMM is a stand alone application and provides basic CRM, CMS and BI functionality. Due to several interfaces it is possible to integrate OpenEMM with existing CRM, CMS and BI applications for best-of-breed solutions.


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