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i.Ftp is a little graphical FTP/SFTP client that is cross platform and portable. Stable Binaries for BeOS, Windows, and Intel Mac OS X

i.Ftp is a little graphical FTP/SFTP client, which does what I need in an FTP client without the size and fuss. I originally wrote i.Ftp to be the first freeware graphical client for BeOS, but someone beat me to it by a few days and well nobody notices who comes 2nd.

Source is available so if you want to fix that glaring bug and just tinker with it by all means, hack away. i.Ftp is hosted on SourceForge and the checkout goes something like this:

svn co Lgi/trunk
svn co i.Ftp/trunk

i.Ftp is designed to work from portable media like USB keys as well. It doesn't store anything in the registry and will find it's resource files and options via relative paths. A full install is about 900kb so it doesn't eat up much space on your portable storage. If you don't need SFTP support then you can delete libssh.dll and libeay32.dll to make it even smaller!

Version: v2.21 [Stable]

    * Installer [Windows, 944K, 3/9/2010]

Version: v2.20 [Stable]

    * Installer (With SFTP) [Windows, 957K, 26/7/2010]
    * Dmg (With SFTP) [Mac OS X, Intel, 899K, 25/7/2010]

Version: v1.82 [Stable]

    * Zip [BeOS-Zeta, 691K, 28/5/2004]


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