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Babble is a Mac social networking client which does Twitter and Facebook

Mac OS X 10.5.8 required | Mac OS X 10.6+ strongly recommended
(some features have improved display on 10.6+)

    * User Tab
    * Popups
    * Album Viewer
    * Post Window

Create and view tweets, messages, mentions, lists, favorites, and saved searches, search for keywords or terms, and view other users' timelines, favorites and mentions.

View a variety of feeds, browse any user's images with the album viewer, Like and comment on posts, post on your friends' walls, and be notified of everything from messages to birthdays.

Growl alerts, a status menu with individual unread counts, and a counter button in the main window that will display your FB notifications, event+friends invites, birthdays, and messages in a popup.

Everything from the color, font, and size of different types of text to the scrollers, backgrounds, and icons is themeable. A variety of themes come built-in, so you can immediately customize your experience.

Bookmark any Twitter tab and return to the exact same spot later. Bookmarking a search tab will even automatically create a new Saved Search on the Twitter server.

Tabs are a familiar element in internet applications, and Babble brings them to social networking. Viewing users, performing searches, opening a list - most actions open in new tabs.

Filter any tab for specific keywords, switch between Facebook feeds, and use the Data Miner popup to sort through all of the data in any of your tabs by type - viewing all Links, Mentions, Images, Video, and Tags at a glance.

Mouseover Actions allow you to quickly use keyboard shortcuts without even selecting rows. Most actions have shortcuts. Example: Click the reply button to reply, Cmd-click to Retweet, Shift-Click to quote it inline ('RT @').


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