Author Topic: TrashMe will help you in the uninstall procedure for Mac OS X 10.6  (Read 1756 times)

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TrashMe will help you in the uninstall procedure for Mac OS X 10.6
« on: September 13, 2010, 10:45:42 PM »
TrashMe will help you in the uninstall procedure for Mac OS X 10.6

Version 1.4.2
3MB – 19 june 2010
Mac OS X 10.6 and later


Mac OS X is a wonderful piece of operating system, where everything is just a matter of «drag and drop». Even though you could simply put an application in the trash to delete it, you would be missing some related files created by this application (preferences, temporary files…).

TrashMe will help you in the uninstall procedure: drop an application on TrashMe and it will find related files for you, so as to delete everything.
Main features
Drag and drop to uninstall
Just drag and drop an application onto main window to uninstall it.     

List applications
List all your applications or components to choose the right one to uninstall.     

Protect opened, default or any application to avoid unwanted uninstallation.
Smart mode
Enable the smart mode to automatically detect an application moved to Trash.     

Have a quick preview of related files before deleting them (like in Mac OS X).     

Reveal in Finder
Open the location where related files are stored with just one click.
History log
Information about every application uninstalled is stored in a log file.     

TrashMe is available in several languages: English, French, German, Spanish…     

Automatic updates
Check for updates automatically at startup to always keep TrashMe up-to-date.

Other features

    * Great looking user interface
    * Search for orphan files
    * Add other folders to look for applications
    * Support « Put Back » feature of Snow Leopard
    * Localized help file
    * Many options


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